Why won't my webcam work on MSN messenger?

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Why does the Webcam feature on Msn messenger not work?

In Windows XP I have downloaded the latest version of Msn messenger. I have a built in webcam and mic on my laptop. I want to do webcam with a friend in spain, however when we start ...show more


Both of you should do a VIDEO & AUDIO test....make sure that you're checking the right boxes for...

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Why wont my webcam work on MSN Messenger?

I have a Dell laptop with a webcam already integrated in it. Whenever I open my MSN Messenger my webcam won't work, it shows as if I don't have a webcam. I checked the tools setting and went on my audio and video setup to make sure everything was right...


Is another program accessing the webcam when messenger wants to use it?

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Why wont my webcam work with certain people using the new msn messenger?

I downloaded the new msn messenger about 2 weeks ago onto my own computer, i use the webcam alot so i was pleased that it still worked with it, but over the past few days it has ...show more


You have to Tools > Audio and video set up Then go through that, and when on the webcam bit you have...

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Why don't my webcam work on MSN Messenger?

I have a webcam on my computer but i lost my cd of the cam and that cam do work on Yahoo Messenger but not on MSN when i try to click on the webcam on MSN.. it shows me a green screen ...show more


go shop bought see get new von cd carnt look new cd online da cd kool but i get same thing be dat pc...

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Webcam wont work on msn messenger?

whenever i try viewing webcam or sending webcam, once i click accept msn completely freezes and i have to wait for it all to close and then sign back on again, it happens every single ...show more


could be a slow internet connection at your end or your friends.

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Webcam help: my webcam works, but it doesnt work on msn messenger. please help?

Hi there, I purchased a webcam, came home and it was working on everything. but i tried it out on msn and it doesn't work. it works on iloveim and when i take a photo, but not ...show more


I am not sure but I Think they only work on yahoo messenger..try Meebo.com my niece told me about that...

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Does video chat on MSN messenger still work if only one side has webcam?

I know that on Skype, even if I don't have webcam, i can still see the other person on video if they do have a webcam. Is this also the same for MSN live messenger? If the ...show more


I would think so. WHy not try it and find out.

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Webcam doesn't work well in MSN messenger.?

Ok so... Every time someone goes on webcam to me, or me to them,Or both, it just cuts out and disconnects, it even signs me out of MSN. Sometimes, my webcam doesn't even ...show more


hmm i suggest gettin an eyetoy, i have one and use it as a webcam, the qualitys great and its not that...

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MSN Messenger (Windows Live) How do you install drivers to get your WEBCAM to work?

My webcam does function anymore on MSN or SKype... when I came to Skype it said I need to install "drivers" how do I do that and where do I get these "drivers?" Thanks!


Insert the CD that came with the webcam into the CD player and click install.

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Msn messenger 8.5 cant get webcam to work?

i can seem to view any of my friends webcams ive tried three seperate people and it still doesnt work. it request then they except then it can load for a few minutes but then it ...show more


I've been having problems with sound on video calls with my msn. I contacted a computer technician and...

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