Why won't my webcam work on the latest version on msn?

Let’s learn why won't my webcam work on the latest version on msn. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Eyetoy webcam wont work with new msn?

my eyetoy webcam wont work with the latest msn (version 9 i think) and it shows the webcam icon but says there isnt a webcam plugged in? thanks.


the key stumbling block to this question is the fact that you do not have a mac. In a mac world there...

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I run msn version 14.0 and yahoo 9.0 but nether will recognize that there is a webcam, it will work if both sa?

it will work if both users are yahoo or both users are msn but prior to msn version 14.0 the webcam worked yahoo to msn or msn to yahoo, anybody no why please. thanks john


Yes it will work if you are using different applications however you will receive a message stating...

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My Webcam Wont Work - Help?

Ok so, I have a built in webcam on my laptop so i cant uninstall it. The problem is, it works with a certain few people on msn, and others it doesnt. I dunno why! Ive tried changing the webcam and setting it up loads of times etc. But it just wont work...


hi . you have answered your own problem..... some people cannot see you / because differant versions...

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Is there any version of MSN for mac that supports webcam?

Im really trying to find a version of MSN for mac that supports webcam and i cant communicate with my friends via AIM or ichat cause they don't have it. I've also tried aMSN and the webcam on that doesn't work for some reason. Any help would be....fantastic...


well now (where i live) microsoft made an office for mac users. so if u go to an apple store,they should...

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MY webcam is not functioning on the new version of MSN?

my webcam was working normallllyyy on the old msn version,,, now on the new one its not. i uninstalled it and reinstalled it twice and it didn't work.onlyy on MSN! its working ...show more


visit this blog, it probably can help you more. this will help you.... http://howmakeyourself.blogspot...

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My webcam will not stay active in MSN Messenger?

Hi, I'm using the latest version of MSN Messenger however I cannot get my webcam to work properly. It always shuts off a few seconds after connecting. The other users webcam stays open and I can see them. I know its not a specific cam as it happens on...


Mine was doing the same exact thing yesterday and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I know this...

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Dynex webcam doesn't work on Windows Live?

I have the Dynex® - 1.3MP Webcam Model: DX-WEB1C. I don't really care if it works on MSN but it would be nice to have it work on everything on my computer, haha. I think I have the latest version of MSN. It works fine on Skype. Thanks!


Skype is better when it comes to internet chatting and web-cams. Install the device. Unplug it from...

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How do I get the older version of MSN back?

I downloaded all the new software for MSN, and then with the new updates, my Webcam doesn't work. I use it often, so I need to get back the older version of MSN. I tried to ...show more


We are basically on the same boat, I personally searched endlessly and it just won't come back. I gave...

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Why wont my webcam work on MSN Messenger?

I have a Dell laptop with a webcam already integrated in it. Whenever I open my MSN Messenger my webcam won't work, it shows as if I don't have a webcam. I checked the tools setting and went on my audio and video setup to make sure everything was right...


Is another program accessing the webcam when messenger wants to use it?

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Webcam Help On Msn - HP Webcam Dosnt work on msn ?

I have a HP built in webcam. and. When i turn my laptop on the blue light turns on and then when i go to do a call on msn / webcam on any software it says my webcam is currently in ...show more


go in preferences and set up ur webcam

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