Would I be better off with an IT degree or a computer science degree?

Let’s learn would I be better off with an IT degree or a computer science degree. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Game Development.

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Which is better a computer science degree or a Software engineer degree?

I'm asking here so since you all have experience in or around game programming, that's what I want to do, and I’m trying to find as many options as I can before my senior year, which is next year. So do you have any opinions on the matter of which would give me a better education in programming? Please no talking about anything other than the two degrees because I know of game programming degrees out there but I like to see which of these would provide the best alternate choice.


Since you're asking on the game development forum, I'm assuming you're interested in a game development...

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Would a masters degree in Computer Science from USC with a specialization in Machine Learning / Computer Vision provide better job prospects as opposed to a masters degree in Computer Science from a higher ranked university with the same specialization?

I am interested in working in the commercial domain on products that employ Artificial Intelligence / Computer Vision based technology.  Does a masters degree in AI/ML/CV from a university such as USC provide an advantage ?


I'm not a USC grad, but the USC alumni network is astoundingly great.  Given that your question was...

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Is it better to pursue a post baccalaureate computer science certificate at a prestigious University, or to pursue a second bachelor's degree at a state college/university?

I  have a communications degree and I am considering going back to school  for computer science however I am debating whether I should attend  Georgetown University where they offer a (an extremely expensive)  computer science certificate or a much cheaper...


Personally, I'm biased and think you should attend James Madison University. So in my view, here's what...

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What is the preference order of dual degree programs with respect to easier grades, more useful in placements and getting a better engineering degree(Computer Science)?

One of my cousin is getting admitted in to BITS.,he is very much interested in computer science. Suggest a dual degree which is easier (unlike Maths and Physics) . Please suggest the dual so that he can score well to get in  to Computer Science. Currently...


Easier Grades for getting CS - The course structure and grading for every discipline is same in 1st...

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Which degree equips students better for the market: an MS software engineering vs an MS in computer science?

Between a software engineering and a computer science master's which  degree is more likely to prepare a student better for the job market? I understand that software engineering degrees do not impart specialised knowledge such as machine learning that...


Computer Science and Software Engineering are two different areas.  Both would prepare you for the job...

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Is a Computer Science degree better or a Computer Systems Engineering degree?

Both degrees focus on: Computer and network forensics. Computer network security. Computer systems security. Data and information security. Information assurance. The CS ...show more


Do you like programming? If so go into Computer Science

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Assuming real experience isn't an option, a bachelor's in an unrelated field is much better than nothing...

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Is it better to get a computer science degree or some practical experience if I want to start programming?

I have HTML and CSS skills and a few years experience in the web industry, but I'm considering learning more about programming in order build a portfolio of products (and possibly do consulting later). I understand that I will need much more experienced...


If you want to learn how to build web applications, you don't need to go to college to do that. It's...

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Which degree is better computer science or computer information systems? always whats the staring salary?

I want to major in either computer science or a business administration with a specialize in computer information systems I really don't know which would offer me the best ...show more


It depends on the certs you get, but the standard CS degree is what you will want

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Why does my dad tell me that an Electrical Engineering degree is much better to have than a Computer Science degree?

Every time I mention to my dad "I'm pretty sure that I want to switch my major from electrical engineering to computer science" he always says things like "you wont ...show more


EE can open the way to many fields, including nuclear physics (the practical, experimental side, not...

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