Is a computer science degree any good for computer forensics?

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Could i get into computer forensics with a computer science degree?

ive very interested in doing computer forensics..but there is no program or degree of that near where i live...nd i was wondering if i hav a bachelors in computer science could i get more


If you have a degree - or any extra qualification - then you'll already be ahead of the masses when...

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You can get a job in computer forensics with a degree in Computer Science and Criminal Justice. There...

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An Associate of Applied Science in computer forensics is worthless if you want to do Web Design Likewise...

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Criminal justice/computes/science degree?

Trying to decide what i should go into. For the past couple weeks i've been focusing on schools with good computer programs. Still not sure what exactly in computers i should(if) study into (there is alot). i like computers, and my schedule im in now...


There is the field of computer forensics, you should google it. You wouldn't study biology or anything...

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Computer Forensics, Which path should I take? Help would be very appreciated!?

hey guys, I just need some opinions, even facts would be nice. I currently am about to get my associates degree in computer repair. What I want to do is be a computer investigator, and go for computer forensics. Right now im thinking of what would be...


I am getting my Master's in Forensic Science right now and I promise you Computer Forensics is the best...

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What are the main differences between a Computer Engineering degree and a Computer Science degree?  Which one is in greater demand?

I'm interested in computer science and have been admitted to Georgia Tech.  They have a computer engineering degree with a minor in computer science but no undergrad major in computer science - their computer science programs appear to be predominantly...


There's a historical reason why UC Berkeley has both a EECS option "C" and a CS major in the...

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What's the benefits of a Visual Effects degree and a Computer Science degree?

I've applied to multiple schools. A lot of those schools offer a BS degree in Computer Science. So far, SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) is the only art-heavy school that I applied to. If I were to go to SCAD, I would probably major in Visual...


I preface this by saying this is ultimately a decision that you need to make yourself, but I would strongly...

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What are the benefits and unique career prospects for a job candidate with a dual bachelor's degree in computer science and biomedical engineering?

I am on the track of pursuing a dual degree in computer science at Emory University (this program is ranked 65th in the US News & World Reports) and a biomedical engineering degree at Georgia Tech (this program is ranked 4th by the same organization...


Don't worry and take charge! Learn as much as you can, whether that's in classes or through internships...

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College Programming Diploma vs Computer Science Degree?

I am 17 years old and am currently unsure with what I want to do with my life. Nothing outside of playing music remotely interests me besides computers. I have always been very computer savvy (building my own computer/ordering parts online, coding basic...


"Degree" always sounds better than "Diploma".

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