Career in programming without a computer science degree?

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Do programmers still need a computer science degree to ...

Do programmers still need a computer science degree to land a great job? ... IT without a formal computer science ... you think of a programmer or ...

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Some computer literacy is always needed of course. If you are really really good, you can try to become...

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College Programming Diploma vs Computer Science Degree?

I am 17 years old and am currently unsure with what I want to do with my life. Nothing outside of playing music remotely interests me besides computers. I have always been very computer savvy (building my own computer/ordering parts online, coding basic...


"Degree" always sounds better than "Diploma".

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How do I make a career switch from computer hardware to software?

Quick summary: My educational & work experience relates to computer hardware & architecture, but I'm strongly considering making a move to software development. I have no idea how to go about this, what to expect, and can really use some advice...


I think Rose Wiegley is mostly on the right track. For the past couple of decades, hardware has really...

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Questions about getting my masters degree in Computer Science?

Hey guys! I need some advice and I have some questions about computer science degrees. I've always been really good with computers and everyone tells me I should pursue a career dealing with computers. I already have my AA out of the way and I'm planning...


You do realize you get a Master's after a Bachelor's, right? You can't get one or the other. You get...

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How to approach a Masters in Computer Science

I am interested in going back to school for a masters in something, but probably comp sci. I would like some advice on how to approach this. Dear Metafilterians, Here are the facts or things that I know: - I just turned 37. - I've been programming professionally...


Only a handful of MS programs in compsci will take in a candidate with an ugrad BA regardless of how...

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What should I do if I will get a CS degree and have little knowledge of statistics, but I enrolled in a MS-data science program?

I am a student majoring in computer Science, i have less knowledge about statistics let alone the Data Science. But i am enrolled into a MS-Data Science program in 2014fall. and there are some idea: 1) to be a data scientist, but is it prefer a PHD degree...


Hi there - here are my thoughts... First of all, let me clear up a little bit of the confusion around...

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Converting my college degree into a programming career

Two years ago, I completed a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Then followed a long and arduous job hunt, where I tried -- unsuccessfully -- to get an entry-level job as a programmer. After a year or so of this, I decided to go back to school and...


Hello, Here is an answer from my personal experience, I graduated 3 years ago (at the height of the...

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Should I try for a computer science degree?

What natural proficiencies would I need / want to have in order to get a degree in computer science? I have some issues with math, and am not sure whether that's a dealbreaker. I'm contemplating going to night school to get a degree in comp sci, but...


If you're good with algebra and conceptual tinkering, then you're going to be good in computer SCIENCE...

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Is it better to pursue knowledge through taking college Computer Science courses, which may be behind the times, or to learn the languages and technologies that are currently the most in demand in industry?

About four months ago, I started taking Stanford's introductory programming course online, and realized that computer science was something I was interested in.  Unfortunately, I am (was) a senior, about to graduate with in a field of study completely...


If you spend too much of your near future time in the university, I am afraid you would not be able...

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