how to apply flip animation to imageviews in android?

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Android alpha animation animating all ImageViews instead of just the calling ImageView

I'm implementing a board game for a course I'm taking. There are 5 "racks" (ImageViews), 1 for each of 5 players. The way I wish to show the current player is to have their rack "highlighted" (achieved through setting the alpha value). Now, this could be done successfully by just calling the setAlpha method, but it's a little jarring to go straight from one to the other, so i'd like to use an alpha animation. My issue is that, when the current player switches, I want to dim the...


I'm not familiar with the observer classes you're using. Try 2 things: 1) Re-load your animations on...

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Is there any way to maintain uniform animation speed on different devices for the same animation?

Same animation has different speeds on different android devices, yeah i know speed depends upon CPU clock, hardware etc. Is there anyway to maintain uniformity ?


By default animation speed is same on different deivces. But the problem is on lower end devices if...

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How does iPhone orientation change animation work?

I am Android developer and I'm curious how the nice orientation change in iOS apps done -- from developer and from iOS point of view. In Android, apps are restarted on orientation change, there's no animation. How hard would it be add support for this...


In iOS there are methods (overridable) that are called before and after the orientation has changed.

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How do you tube? On Android?

I want to make some simple videos for YouTube, but I can't find the right app(s) to edit them in the way I would like to. So yeah, I'm currently computerless, I know ould be the ideal device to do this on, but I won't be in that ideal situation for the...


Good news: It sounds like all you're really looking for is the ability to add in an overlay graphic...

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How well will a "GTA like" sandbox (open world) cop game for iOS and Android sell?

I'm in the process of developing a mobile game for iOS and Android. I have been working on it for 4 months but I don't anticipate being done for about another year.    I have several years of experience doing 3D animation. I am developing it in Unity...


I think it will sell pretty well . Seeing how the ios version of gta has fared and the cop alternative...

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Why does Android use immediate mode rendering rather than retained mode rendering?

I have heard that the jittery animation of Android is due to immediate mode rendering. Why would Android use that?


In short - it's doubtful. Immediate mode vs. Retained mode indicates the mode in which a graphics API...

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Is it possible to view web applets on systems (like android) not supporting java (Java Virtual Machine) through remote desktop like services ?

Suppose I want to view a webpage having an applet animation , on my android device (which can't run applets). Is it possible to actually run the applet in a different system such that the android device can vie the applet through remotes desktop services...


You can access your main system through the RDP protocol. Plenty of RDP clients exist for Android. Alternatively...

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If you use PhoneGap, then you just need HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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What are the UX considerations for Android's Ice Cream Sandwich's new end-of-screen animation?

Is it better than the old way of bouncing the screen back (like the iPhone does)?


I think you answered it yourself by mentioning that it was like the iPhones (product). Adding the new...

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Android: What is the best way to decode H264 encoded mp4 files and get the necessary frames to create an animation?

Standard Media Metadata Retriever doesn't help. If often can't decode frames.


You may use to get frame data, suggest to decode into a SurfaceTexture, render...

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