How to apply button style in Android?

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android - button style

Normal button looks like: Now, please let me know, How can i make a simple button same as an attached image button (i.e. button corner shape is round and also there is no gap between two buttons)


9-patch would work fine here, but I try to avoid them since it's hard for me to do them :( You can try...

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Android XML layout fit all screen?

I want this layout to fit properly on any android screen size.Please edit the code and post it. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ScrollView xmlns:android="Page on Android"     android:layout_width="...


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <RelativeLayout     xmlns:android...

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How do you get rid of pull ring to answer calls on new android update?

So the new android has this annoying pull ring to unlock the phone, I managed to get rid of it using the widgetlocker app, however the darn ring is still there when answering calls. If my phone is locked and a call comes through, the ring needs to be...


These options are located in your settings menu, after entering the settings menu, choose calling options...

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Android-style predictive text for physical keyboards

Can I somehow harness Android-style predictive text for my actual, hardware QWERTY keyboard? The predictive text functionality in Android 2.3 "Gingerbread," running on my touchscreen phone, is remarkably useful. Apparently, the technology comes...


Some support USB keyboards If you could find one now, maybe you could type on that and email the text...

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Why is the Android 'Back' button inconsistent?

Following from the Android Design Guide: it clearly outlines the difference and functionality between the 'Up' button and 'Back' button. Simply, 'Up' allows a user to navigate up within the application hierarchy while...


I actually believe that Google would have liked to get rid of it in ICS, and just keep the in app back...

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Is there anyway I could make a physical camera button on my android x2?

I know from the first android there was a button to take pictures but on the new android there isn't now. Is there anyway I could make a physical button for the camera? Like assigning a button or something? It would make taking pictures a lot easier.


no,because now most of phones use the screen to take photos

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If I buy one of these cheap "APad" style 7'' Android tablets, can I install my own apps on it?

I'm starting to see some very cheap, 7'', Android tablets appearing. They're probably not the same quality as a Streak, but they're in my price-range ;-) I'm mainly looking to a) learn Android development, and b) have a couple of specific work apps....


I can't recommend these.  There is little to installed userbase and the reliability is terrible.  I...

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Android Devices: how did you like the idea of universal Pressy button?

Pressy, a startup which suggests the universal button for Android devices, got over $350 000 on Kickstarter already, although the idea is quite simple. What do you think of it? are you gonna buy one? Pressy - the Almighty Android Button!


No I don't find a user for this. I'm happy with a pure touch phone.

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My Android Kyros MID7015 tablets back "silver button" won't work?

For Christmas my genious father got me an aweful android tablet. Not to sound like an ungreatful brat but this thing sucks worse that I could ever imagine. I can't even do the simplest thing without rage quitting, not to mention it was used and had an...


Here is information about how to reset MID7015 tablet back to the factory settings.

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So it seems that the new style for guys is wearing a shirt but not button...?

the top 2 buttons( obviously not the extremely top button) . Why do guys leave the 2nd to top button undone. In some cases the 3rd button from the top is unbuttoned, why is that? Also, on TV and movies I see that when wearing a jacket ( the one you would...


i wouldn't call it "new" cuz ive been seeing it around since quite a long time... but the...

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