how to move files from internal memory to external sdcard in android?

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How to programmatically move files from internal memory to sdcard in android?

How to move files from device's internal memory to external memory in android? Please provide code examples. My code is below private void moveFile(File file, File dir) throws IOException { File newFile = new File(dir, file.getName()); FileChannel outputChannel = null; FileChannel inputChannel = null; try { outputChannel = new FileOutputStream(newFile).getChannel(); inputChannel = new FileInputStream(file).getChannel(); inputChannel.transferTo(0, inputChannel.size(), outputChannel); inputChannel...


Remove the trailing slash from your path. It is not needed since example.png is not a directory. Actually...

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How to move installed files my sdcard?

Im using samsung i5800 it.s a android phone can help how to Install applications on sdcard becoz when im install phone momery it showing memory low.


go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications then select the app you want to move to SD...

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I can't send any of my android apps to the sd card?

I was able to do it before but now it just says can't move file to usb or sdcard. I have 8gb left on the card. And yes I know all apps won't move to sdcard but i have an app that shows which files can be moved and even the android default system to move...


Greetings to all

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Can't write files to MicroSD while it's inside my android. But is writable using a card reader in PC.?

The card is readable while inserted into the phone. But if I move some files from my internal memory to the memory card it won't work. Also if I copy any files into it using the more


Many thanks frostfire for taking the time to help but this was tried the moment I started I came to...

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How can I propagate changes to files in the sdcard/Android/data/ folder to Dropbox?

So I prefer changing files by going to the directory where the Dropbox file are stored themselves (they're also starred). But when I change the files, the changes don't get uploaded to Dropbox..


Integrating dropbox in android apps - Latest SDK

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Android app to search files in memory card?

hello, I have an android mobile. I want to know if any application is there which can search for files locally stored in the memory card of my fone. Like in windows, we use the 'Search' tool to find files inside computer's hard disk, is there similar...


YES! There is an app. It's called ASTRO. It's a file searcher thingy. Works well and easy to navigate...

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I cannot move or delete files from my USB memory stick?

hi, i have a usb stick, i have lots of files on it. i want to move all the files to my home pc and delete the memory stick as it is not mine. everytime i click delete or move it says "Access denied - make sure the disk is not copright or not in...


Some USB sticks (including mine), have a lock switch on them. Check yours; if it does, the stick may...

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I am trying to move all the files from a dell laptop to a compaq computer that is out of

I have a Compaq computer that is about 5 years old and it is out of disk space. I bought a hard drive by Simple Tech called the Black Cherry with 320 GB for more memory. I also have to move all of the files from a Dell laptop that has to be returned...


Use the ccleaner program on the compaq to free up space. If there are music files and/or videos on the...

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How can I move all my music files on my android phone to one folder easy to move?

I just want to move all my music files on my phone to one exact folder


Just use spotify to manually manage your phone. A window should open on your computer showing the folders...

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Check out Astro File Manager for Android:

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