Any suggestions for trip around Europe.

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Any suggestions for trip around Europe?

I am a man, in 20-s, single, Canadian citizen, and I would like to spend a year in Europe, preferably by myself. I am thinking about.... 2011 February-March = England April-May = more


February and March may be slightly grim in the UK well cold, dark and wet or even snowy but that also...

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First trip to Europe--which of these places should I go and when? Website and hotel suggestions welcome too!?

I'm planning my first trip to Europe sometime next year with my husband. We can probably spend only about a week there, but I have lots I would like to do, so I need some help to narrow it down. Since it's my first trip, we'll probably want to do a lot...


one week is not really enough time to really appreciate one city. but if it is important to see many...

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Suggestions for a first trip Europe with boys ages 11 and 8?

My family and I are thinking about going to Europe next year. We are a group of four, with two boys ages 11 and 8, who will be traveling from the East Coast of the U.S. None of us has been to Europe before, but we don't want to do more than three countries...


I would do a week in a country at least. Select one mountainous and one flat, like Scotland (the highlands...

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I'd like to plan a 2 month trip to Europe sometime between June - August. Any suggestions?

Right now I'm in Iraq. I'd be leaving here sometime between June - August. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to keep my budget down...don't want to burn through all my savings on this trip. I want to get a sense of where I'm going. I don't just...


I can only help you part of the way. 2. A car is good for travel between towns and useable in small...

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Europe Trip this summer - suggestions for best cities to visit?

Hey at present I've sort of thought/planned to get an InterRail 10days travel in 22days rail ticket and see the sights with a friend sometime this summer - need to back before sept as I'm going travelling around the world then but looking for months...



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Brief Europe Trip - Suggestions and Tips?

A friend and I are planning to do a very short backpacking trip to Europe (2 weeks) in the fall. Can someone help me out with things like how much it would cost or how we could see the most in that short time on a budget... thanks in advance for your...


This is too big a question to answer in one go. But I'll start by helping you with some structure. Your...

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I'm planning a two week trip to Europe, starting in Barcelona-need suggestions on other cities to visit?

I've never been to Europe and want to have a great trip.  Thinking Paris and Rome...anything else I should include?


I really think that with those three you have enough to occupy you for a fortnight. Even then, don't...

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Music Suggestions for a Europe Trip?

For the second year in a row I will be going to Europe. Last year I chilled listening to a lot of my usual music, but once in austria I found Alot of interesting House music CDs, and now im in love XD does anyone have any suggestions for music that I...


Germany germany, what a dispirited country, i'd sooner see Tunisia

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Trip to Europe? Buy a book called "Let's Go Europe" or "Lonely Planet Guide to Europe...

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Any suggestions for our 18 days trip to Europe?

My wife and I are travelling to Europe (AUSTRIA, FRANCE, ITALY, SWITZERLAND, POLAND and HUNGARY) for the first time. We are not sure how many days we should spend and what do do in each country/city. Please let us know the best places to visit and things...


Takes me 2-3 days just to get used to the time difference, As mentioned cut your plans back to 2-3 countries...

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