Can I change my e-mail address?

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yes, but you have to delete your existing account first then make a new one.

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I can't change the email address I have on a group membership - it doesn't match my profile's email address?

In the group's edit membership page, I see: Email Address This email address will be used for group messages. old@address (Add new email address) The following email addresses from Account Info are not available for this membership: new@address (Disabled...


I m too and I think its yahoo error nobody cant help us I changed yahoo mail with gmail mail . and I...

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Why can't I change my itunes email address?

I went to Store-->View my account then entered my new email address but it said "the email address you entered is already associated with an apple ID" then i log into my supposed 'other account' then it tells me that this new email address...


you can add other emails to it and then choose which to make the primary

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When I email a Yahoo! news story my alternative email is used as my return address. How can I change it?

Whenever I try to email a Yahoo news story to a friend my alternative email address is shown as my return email address. Is there a way to get my primary email address to be inserted as my default return email address?


GOTO options (upper right hand side of mail page). Under management, GOTO "Mail Addresses"...

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I had my carrier change my email address but can't get any email sent to new address?

do I change something under 'options' - like delete the old email address before I can receive email for the new address? if so, where do I look for this info & how do I change it?


get hot mail. get there are other options. then tell them to write to the other one.

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Can I change my email address and have the premium package I just bought be applied to a new one.?

I was asked by my company to discontinue using as my email address since it is not an authorized email address by them. I recently bought the extra package for my email address and need to change it to a new email address....


When you bought the extra package... you might be able to change it... but know... I don't believe!...

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Sir i want to change my email address how i can change my email address.?

sir i want to cahnge my email how i can change my email..


i dnt think u can but u can sign up for another account with the new E-mail address that u want

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Can I change my default email address without losing my mail?

I'm pretty sure I can change my email address. But does anyone know a way that you can do it, even if it has to be done manually, that won't delete all of my emails that I have? I like everything about my email except the fact that I just made it to...


Fortunately, Yahoo thought of that problem, and the solution is easy! If you open an alternate ALIAS...

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Can you change you email address?

can you change your email address? i have used the same email address since like 5th grade, and as i plan to enter college my email address is not mature, is their a way to change it, more


You can change how your name appears on your outgoing email. Here's how to do it: 1. Click "Options...

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How can I change my email address with one of my Aliases?

my email address an real ID is ex: . but I connect to yahoo messenger with one of my Aliases & no one know my real ID. now,i want to change one of my aliases with my real ID, if any one send a mail to me,use the aliases address ex...


You are allowed one main ID and one alias email address. Along with those you can have unlimited IDs...

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