Can I pack a small fan in my checked luggage?

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You can. Even a bigger one. Just packed it nicely so it will survived the porter shocks.

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Is it possible to pack glass wine bottles in a checked piece of luggage? On southwest air?

I'm planning on flying from burbank,california to phoenix,arizona on southwest airlines. I know that southwest allows two free pieces of luggage checked free of charge. If I pack two glass wine bottles and wrap them in bubble wrap then put them in checked...


You can pack all of those things. Alcohol is permitted in checked bags. No problem. I would worry about...

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Can a minor pack 1 pack of cigarettes in their checked luggage?

I'm 16, turning 17 in the next few well as flying for a week vacation in Florida. I've seen various yes and no answers for this, but can I pack a pack of cigarettes in my checked luggage without having any kind of hassle? I'm in the U.S, in...


Yes do it.

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Can I pack alcohol in my checked luggage if I am underaged?

I'm flying from Oregon to San Diego, California in November with a friend. We are both 18, I was wondering if I could pack a 5th of alcohol in my CHECKED LUGGAGE without getting it taken away or getting usin trouble? Please only answer if you know for...


Nothing should happen. You can say it's a gift if asked. If it is indeed illegal as an answerer has...

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Can you pack REGULAR sized shampoo bottles in your CHECKED luggage?

HELP!! I'm going to DC in April and I was wondering if you could pack REGULAR sized shampoo or conditioner or whatever in your CHECKED luggage. I already know that you can pack a certain amount of shampoo or whatever in your carry on but I have like...


Yes, you can, I sometimes have full-size bottles of shampoo and conditioner in my checked luggage. I...

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Can I pack my aerosol can of dry shampoo in my checked luggage for a domestic flight?

I'm going on a flight within Australia travelling on a jetstar plane. I've checked across the internet and both the jetstar and quantas websites haven't given enough information on what I need, I've also looked across other websites and they have either...


I just flew with a small one on my checked bag. I flew from Kansas City to Anchorage, and then back...

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Is it okay to pack cookies in checked luggage?

im going to china very soon, and i want to make my girlfriend some cookies, so is it ok to pack them in checked luggage/ will they care to check?


Yeah it is ok. You can even take liquids in check in.

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Can I take one pack of cigarettes in my checked in luggage?

I'm 16 and plan to take one pack of cigarettes on my flight to dubai (in my checked in luggage). My question is, would they search my bag if I took them? The bags are under my parents' name as they are the ones I am traveling with. Since I am not carrying...


Wrong! Dubai has strict laws prohibiting minors from smoking and bringing cigarettes into the country...

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Can i pack wine in my checked luggage?

I am flying from Philly to the US Virgin Islands. Can I pack wine in my checked luggage?


Yes, you can, although you should pack it VERY well to prevent the bottle from breaking. I would get...

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Can you pack shampoo and conditioner in checked luggage?

I'm going away for 3 month and need shampoo and conditioner over 3oz. Can I pack it in my checked luggage over 3oz?


Millions of people do everyday. The 3 oz. rule only applies to carry on.

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