Can I use my Philippine passport instead of a US passport?

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Can i use my Philippine passport instead of a US passport?

My citizenship application is being processed. I already have an interview date on May 6th (Im in San Jose California, btw). If everything goes well, as I am hoping to God, then my oath taking follows; but we all know that won't happen until after 4 to 6 weeks from my interview date (if I am correct about the time line). The latest for the oath taking will be the 2nd week of June (yikes!). I will be leaving for the Philippines the third week of June. Is it okay for me to use my Philippine passport...


Until you take oath, you are not US Citizen. So the Philippines passport is the right one to use for...

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Can you still use your Philippine passport to travel if you're an US Citizen?

My US passport is in process and I want to know if you can still use you're Philippine passport to travel.


No. Even if you are dual citizen and still have valid Philippines passport, you must use US passport...

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I am naturalized US citizen from the Philippines. Can I use my Philippine passport to travel to Brazil?

It's because the Philippine passport holders do not require a visa traveling to Brazil whereas US passport holders do.


If you have dual citizenship you can, but to get back in here you will have to show ability to come...

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Can I use my US Navy enlistment contract instead of passport?

I want to visit my friends in Tijuana. I don't need a passport driving into Mexico, but when I come back can I present to customs my enlistment contract, DL, and birth more


They do not give a hoot about that enlistment contract. The law requires a passport but the law is not...

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US Passport expired, can I use my UK Passport to travel to the Bahamas even though I reside in US?

I have dual citizenship and 2 passports. My US passport is expired and I don't feel like going to the trouble or expense of renewing it before I leave for the Bahamas in 3 weeks. I am US born and reside in the US but as my mother is a citizen of the...


Get your passport renewed prior to travel! 8 U.S. Code §1185(b): Except as otherwise provided by...

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If you can use your passport to travel in the US?

I am a lilttle confused I just asked a question on wheter I can use a passport from another country to travel on an airplane to another state in the US. Every body said I could but how come they said that the people that attack the world trade center...


yes yes yes as long as you ID does not apear to be fake and your name & face match the document...

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I have both us passport and Philippine it ok to use my Phil pport to travel Asia?

For tax and visa purposes, can I use my Philippine passport to get out of p.i and travel to Southeast Asia to avoid getting an entry visa to Singapore, kl, thailand and Cambodia?


You must use your US passport - and only your US passport - to enter & exit the US. You need to...

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Can my wife use her US VISA in her single name and use new passport with her married name?

My wife have a US Visa stamped in her old passport when she was single. She has a new passport now using her married name. Do we need to ask the US Embassy in the Philippines to have the old valid US VISA stamped on her new passport? We are afraid that...


The old rule was that a multiple entry indefinite visa in the old passport was valid for ONE MORE JOURNEY...

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Can I use my Malaysian Passport to go out from Egypt and enter US with my US Passport?

I have dual citizenship of Malaysia and United States and currently I'm studying in Egypt. I'm going to the US in a couple month and I'm confused which passport do I need to show at the Egyptian immigration at the Cairo Airport. By the way, I have egyptian...


you have to use the same passport you ENTERED Egypt with, in order to leave Egypt, so that the records...

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Can you use your Canadian Passport to enter Canada and then use you US passport to return into the US?

I'm going to Canada n a few days for a 3 week trip and was wondering if I can use the specific passports to enter into Canada and return back into the United States.


It's asking for trouble. If you enter any country on one passport but leave using another then your...

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