Can an LPN be a travel nurse?

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I am an American LPN wanting to work as a travel nurse in Australia .?

I want to learn about the needed immigration requirements


to work as a nurse here in oz you need to be registered ok ! you might find...

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There are many LPN's that act as travel nurses, just make sure to have a strong clinical background...

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The U.S. Bureau Labor of Statistics reports that licensed practical nurses (LPNs) make anywhere between...

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Yes, it is possible to work as a travel nurse when all you are is an LPN.

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Is it possible to be a travel nurse when your a single mom of 1 child?

I would like to hear from any nurse who is or knows other travel nurses who are mothers. I know all of the facts of going about to be a travel nurse. I am currently a nurse assistant in the float pool at a hospital, Im going to school now for my ADN...


Hi there. I'm an RN. I've never done travelling, but I know people who have. First thing, most travel...

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Can you still become a LPN (practical nurse) with just a BSN?

I was just wondering if I can still become a LPN with a BSN and no LPN certificate/diploma. Or do I have to have a LPN certificate to become a LPN? And what kind of job oppurtunites more


What are you talking about? If you have your BSN then you already have a higher level of nursing education...

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How long can a travel nurse stay in one place?

my husband will be going back to school to get a nursing degree, and i recently discovered that there is such a thing as travel nursing. it looks really cool since it apparently pays more and provides free housing. my question is--has anyone reading...


Depends on the contract with the agency. Usually the contract is for up tp 12 weeks and can be renewed...

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How long does it take for an LPN (Liscensed Practical Nurse) to become and RN (Registered Nurse)?

I'm considering being a nurse but you have to be an LPN then become and RN.( That's what I have heard so far) How long does that take and what classes in college do I have to more


Someone gave you incorrect information. I am an RN and have never been an LPN. There are plenty of RN...

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What's a travel nurse?

I want to become a registered nurse but i also love to travel. I heard about a travel nurse but im not sure what that is. Are they nurses that travel? how many times a year do they travel? how much do they get paid? what is their duties? Thanks


What you probably are referring to is what we call "travelers." They are nurses who work for...

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USA nurse (LPN) wanting to work in Bogota Colombia.?

Hi. I am a licensed practical nurse. Is it possible to work in Bogota temporarily as a nurse? Or must I know spanish fluently? Are there any tests I must take in order to become "certified" or whatever to work in Bogota as a nurse? I know that...


well I don't see why you can't but the true about Colombia is different that what you think but here...

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