Can you change the background on a picture with GIMP?

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GIMP - Changing Background Color 1

Changing Background Color 1. ... Intention¶ to . This tutorial shows you how you can efficiently replace the background of an image with another in GIMP, ...

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How do i change the background on my picture using gimp?

i took a really nice pic of my bf but the background looks a mess lol i want to change the background on it using GIMP does anybody know how to do that?? thanks alot


You can render the main part using the paths tool… and...

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To change the background of a photo in gimp,1st erase the background.To replace w/a solid color,click...

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Change background in GIMP image editor?

Hi , I want to change the background in my picture to a nice sunny desert , is there a simple way of doing that in GIMP ? Thanks alot to anyone who leaves a sensible , helpful answer :)


Learn how to do good cut and paste or extractions with blurred edges, check for both in a google search...

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Change format background picture in excel?

I found a lot of information about how to change the format of just a picture but not a background picture. I'm using microsoft excel for mac 2011, version 14.0.0 So you can insert a background picture by going to the menu bar on top then click Format...


Insert the picture into the header, as described here:

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How do I change background of my picture?

How do I change background of my picture? I have a picture of me taken at my Home and i want to change the location of the picture(Eg: Egypt) having me the same in picture.


if you have photoshop all you need to do is open the picture of you, and then open the picture in what...

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How do I change the picture position for my desktop background on Windows 7 HP?

I have Windows 7 Home Premium, and if I put a picture as my desktop background it won't let me fit the picture to the screen in the picture position options. It automatically stretches the picture, and it won't change. I want to make my pictures fit...


Are you using a Hewlett Packard by any chance? If so, this is a known issue and is easily fixed as follows...

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Mum needs URGENT help to change a locked desktop background picture!!!!!!!?

My son has put a very unflattering picture of me pulling an ugly face as the background picture on my desktop. He has it tiled and flashing all across the screen.(of course, he thinks this is hilarious) The picture has written on it. The problem...


It would help to know what kind of computer you have. If you have a mac, go to Finder in the tool bar...

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Gimp: how to cut out background of a picture?

so i have a picture saved on google with a person then a beach background and i just want the person and nothing else how do i cut out the background?


Best idea is to use a layer mask to remove the background. Tutorial using layer masks in GIMP to remove...

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I need help changing my desktop background when i try to change it it makes 10 pictures of the same picture.?

when i change it to the picture i want it multiplys the picture to multiple pictures that i dont want all i want is 1 picture can anyone please help me


Open display and choose stretch for position. Mine is whole with that setting.

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