Do I need a Headphone amp to use a pair of Audio Technica ATH A-700 headphones with an iPod?

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Do I need a Headphone amp to use a pair of Audio Technica ATH A-700 headphones with an ipod?

I am using an Ipod touch and recently ordered these headphones. I have heard different things from everywhere i checked about this. I want to know if I need an amp at all, and if the fiio E5 will work nicely enough. Another thing i would like to know is the power output of the Ipod touch compared to these headphones, but any information would be greatly appreciated.


It should be able to operate the headphones, but you may not get the power, dynamics, and most of all...

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Need professional help on buying headphones!?

Hello, I'm in the market for some full size headphones. I'm not a dj, but I appreciate high quality sound. I listen to a lot of music on my iPod with bass, so clear, deep bass is most important. I will also, however, be using them to watch movies on...


I think you can buy this in the apple's shop.

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Adapter for studio headphones?

I purchased this pair of studio headphones off of Amazon:… But apparently I need an adapter to use them on my computer/ipod. Problem is I don't know what adapter to buy, can anyone help? (By sending a link...


This is what you need:…

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Headphone and Earbud Recommendations?

Looking for suggestions for headphones and earbuds to purchase for myself. Ok, since I bought my first mp3 player (around 2003), I have been attached to the hip (ears?) with whatever mp3 player I own/use at the time. To say that mp3 players have changed...


I, like you, go through more earbuds than I'd prefer. I've only dabbled into (~50$) midrange earbuds...

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Large-headed man needs help finding headache-less headset

I have an absurdly large head and most (95%+) headphones don't fit me. Fellow big-headed headphone-wearers, please recommend to me a pair of wireless headphones/headset that are wide and tall enough that they won't give me headaches! (Special conditions...


(Oh, I forgot to add: if I can't get something that meets these hopes and dreams in a wireless version...

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Where can I get a sony Unimatch headphone plug?

I have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M40fs headphones and I love them, but I wrecked the Jack when I got up and accidentally kicked my amp (I know, what in the hell was it doing on the floor) A guy I work with has a pair of sony MDR-V600's, and I was...


Try stores like Walmart, Or Family doller

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Which dj headphones should I buy? Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Headphones or Aerial7 Tank Headphones?

Ya I want feedback from personal experience... they are mostly going to be at personal at home headphones but I want them to have a bit of style. The most important thing though is which pair sounds better with the lows,mids, and highs and bass and treble...


For DJ? KOSS DJ PRO 100, AKGs (Any Over Ears), Sennheisers. AT is good & like said M50 is better...

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I wanted to buy headphones that have a very excellent punchy bass, I want a well known brand?

I listen to Drum & Bass and Dubstep. I do not want Dr beats cause personally i think koss porta pro sounded better for it's price and dr beats are way over priced. I go travelling quite often, need some good setup. Want to also buy a portable amp...


I listen to Dubstep as well! : ) I recommend getting one of Sony's Extra Bass headphones. You can grab...

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Do I need a headphone amp for ATH M50?

I recently purchased the ATH M50 headphone from Audio Technica. I'll mostly be listening with the phones plugged into my laptop. Occasionally I might listen directly from my mp3 player. I'm just wondering if I need an amp or if my laptop will supply...


. Your laptop should supply enough power, however there's nothing like a good set of headphones. .

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Audio Technica ATH-M30 headphones stopped working suddenly?

Hello everyone. I own a pair of ATH-M30 headphones and take very good care of them. I was using them earlier, and two hours later, they did not work on any of my devices (computer, more


Well if the warranty has expired, its expired. Not sure if you meant that it expired 9 days ago or you...

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