Do they have anything similar in France?

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Does anyone know anything about Evian-les-Bains in France?

Hiya, I'm looking at jobs in France and was wondering. In Evian-les-Bains in France what language do they speak? I'm aware some parts of France are predominantly English more


Don't think many french will admit they understand a bit of English, Evian-les-Bains is a posh spa town...

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Is there anything morally wrong, unethical or objectionable about French people (or those having lived in France) that have moved to Switzerland or Monaco to avoid paying taxes in France?

to the eyes of French people... those that have made their fortunes in France but later have transferred all their wealth to places such as Switzerland or Monaco.


To the eyes of French people, generally yes, except for those who think taxes in France are confiscatory...

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Anyone heard anything new about the crash of Air France 447 Airbus A330-200?

Anyone heard anything new about the crash of Air France 447 Airbus A330-200? I have been trying to find articles on the investigation but I cant find anything new!! Does anyone know more


I have not heard anything new. They could not find the black boxes and gave up the search for them....

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Is Old Montreal in Quebec anything like France?

I have been to Old Montreal in Canada and I was wondering if it was similar to France.


In the sense that the streets are narrow and the buildings are old and brick and many of them have court...

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Is there a term for this sentence, "based on public opinion" or anything similar to it in Italy, France, Latin?

or maybe other language would do too as long it's in romanization :) thanks


based on public opinion Italian - sulla base di opinione pubblica based on public opinion latin - famae...

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Sophia Antipolis is a technology park northwest of Antibes and southwest of Nice, France. Much of the...

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Never been to france before, - anything I should remember to take with me?

Got the euros, Bought the phrase book! Booked the hire car Now then - anything else? Will I need an adapter for the plugs over there? Any other advice about holidaying in france?


1 - I don't know if you need an adapter for plugs (actually there is electricity : 220V) 2 - The phrase...

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Can you help us think of anything we can do to prepare our grand-daughter for her trip to France as a foreign exchange student?

My 11 year old grand-daughter will be traveling to France for a foreign exchange program. She will be gone for three weeks. She comes from a small rural community in the Midwest so I think she is in for quite a culture shock. As the time is approaching...


Also, I don't think I said it as clearly as I meant to in my last paragraph, but you need to separate...

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I am living illegally in France, will anything happen to me when I go back to the US?

My three months are up and I plan to go back to America in January with my french lover. I want to know what will happen when I leave France to come to the US or if anything will more


Isn't it possible for you to have a second 3 month visa? Touristic one I mean..?? I'm sure there's legal...

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Can you tell me anything about France in 1927?

I am writing a paper for English and I want it to be as historicaly accurate as it can be. I'm looking for anything about France (preferably Montargis) 1927.


wow..still writin that story huh augs? lol

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