Does anyone know why sometimes I pig out for a few days, then other days i can't eat anything at all?

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Does anyone know why sometimes i pig out for a few days, then other days i cant eat anything at all?

this happens to me alot... i would have 4 dayss of eating alot and feeling hungry all day then after that a few days where sometimes i forget to eat or im disgusted of food..btw: i hate drinking water and i feel like im gonna throw up after half a cup,


It's a metabolism need to start regulating yourself and eating more regularly, both in time...

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I have a really bad strep throat. im tired of eating yogurt and popsicles anyone know anything fun i can eat?

if your wondering i cant eat tough stuff like bread, or vegetables. for the last two days all ive eaten is yogurt and popsicles and its getting boring. i want something good that i can eat like a smoothie (it can be unhealthy by the way anything is fine...



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I didnt eat anything for 8 days and i dont know how to start again

my stomachs killing me and i cant eat food or drink without throwing up and chewing is too difficult. im so dehydrated and hungry but ill just puke everything. please help?i starved myself previously a couple weeks ago for 6 days and it wasnt this bad...


The damage you are doing to the lining of the stomach, not to mention your internal organs (like kidneys...

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Just want to see if anyone can anwer all these?

If an atheist has to go to court, do they make him swear on the Bible? Why don't the hairs on your arms get split ends? Can you get cornered in a round room? Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet soup? If electricity comes from electrons...


I have often thought of the through the center of the earth one... wouldn't you just end up floating...

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What is wrong with me? i cant eat without being sick.?

i am a 16 year old girl and i am an exchange student from New Zealand and right now i'm in France for a year, i have been here since early january this year. in new zealand i ate a lot of fruit and vegetables, not very much meat or bread though and no...


i'm thinking it might be the new food... try eating food that you always ate and call your doctor from...

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I have been unable to eat for 4 days due to nausea?

Ever since July 8th, I've been unable to eat a proper meal. It wasn't so bad at first, and I could still eat a normal-sized portion, but I just didn't really have the appetite. Now a few days later, I find myself being able to eat less and less. All...


You already answered this questioned partially in your question. Stop drinking whatever you are first...

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Dog won't eat

We have a 6 year old rottweiler. He's always eaten the same food and in the past 4 weeks will hardly eat anything. I felt bad and gave him table food here and there and he ate every bit of it. We never really gave him table food why would he all of the...


Well my question is how long of a time was it from him not eating his normal amount of food until you...

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Anyone know anything about calorie shifting?

I know what calorie shifting is and what its supposed to do etc... but i just wanted to know how many calories and weight gain... i've finally eaten how i've wanted to for up to 4-5 days( pretty low calories,healthy food), but i still like to eat and...


All your all actually dealing with is calorie totals. The snack just adds to your total intake and that...

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Help, i have bipolar, why some days cant i feel any love for my husband and child and run like a robot?

Please help I'm bipolar, I can't love or feel anything 4 the people I know I love, I need help. I Have just been told I'm bipolar,im 28, I know all the other things that it comes with it or most of them at least, the high points and the low points, but...


Many people with bi-polar get back to normal, sometimes without the need for further medication, by...

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Can guinea-pigs eat cabbage?

So, I just bought a guinea pig last Sunday and I am totally in love with them now! She's so cute and sometimes I like to give her little treats and the things she absolutely loves. My problem is that around two days after I got her, I began to feed her...


Yes but not a whole lot.

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