Do you like your job as a Medical Assistant?

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What is a day to day job as a Medical Assistant like? Do you love it? What are the pro's con's?

What are some of the pro's con's of being a medical assistant? I'm looking for a career change but before I dive into the schooling would love to hear from other people more


i am currently going to school for it, and it is not hard, but you need alot of blood pressure practice...

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Do i have a chance at getting a nice office job(medical assistant/Administrative assistant/assistant manager)?

I have previously worked as a cashier for 6 months at a retail store and then i worked at a community college as an administrative assistant for 2 years. Do i have a chance of getting a job like medical assistant, bank teller, administrative assistant...


Medical assistant requires special training. With your 2 years as admin asst at the community college...

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How and where can I find a job as a Medical Assistant with no experience?

I have completed the training for Medical Assistant. However, everyone wants someone with 2 years experience. I don't have any experience, but I really need a job. What can I do now to get a good job? 1 day ago - 3 days left to answer. Additional Details...


you might try going to your local WorkOne and trying or Also ask your former...

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Better job: medical office assistant or accountant/bookkeeper?

I have to make a decision between these two programs. The thing is I would like studying the medical office better. But, MOA make 14 and hour and accountants make 16.25. So, there is a difference there. But, how do I decide if it would be worth it. I...


I have been an accountant for 12 years and I can tell you, if you don't like accounting at all, DON...

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I graduated a year ago for medical assistant can I still get a job for a medical assistant?

I have not been able to get a job yet for medical assistant. Can I still get a job in this if I have graduated a year ago.


Of course, you can still get a job as a cma regardless if it was a year ago. As long as your certifications...

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Can a medical assistant go to school and get a job being a CNA?

I went and completed Medical Assistant school but it has been VERY hard to find a job... I want to work in the medical field and start going to Nursing school.. but I wanted to work in the medical field while in school.. my question is, if i go to school...


A CNA is a specific certification / license that the state grants. So if a job description says it wants...

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Is a medical assistant job better than a nursing job?

Im in a medical assistant program and i would just like to hear peoples experience if they have any in both medical assistant or nursing


Medical assistant jobs in my state are not better than nursing jobs because there is not a big market...

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Can I get a job as a Physician assistant with a medical assistant degree?

I am looking into a Medical Assistant program and I saw on the internet this thing called a Physicians assistant, I would love to know what the difference is and if I could become one more


A PA is VASTLY different than a mere medical assistant.

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I wanna go to job corps for a medical assistant does anybody know how good a job that is?

ok well im 17 and i wanna go to job corps to be a medical assistant for my senior year.. my dad says that its not really a good job so can you guys tell me what i would be doing and more


I think that's a great job for somebody who's 17 going on 18 years old! The pay is good, look online...

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Shall i get a medical assistant job with my medical doctor degree from Burma?

I've got medical doctor degree since 2003,May.I have about 3 years experiences as a medical officer at Yangon General Hospital.Before i join for USMLE,i want to be a medical more


sure why not?

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