You are being interviewed for a job as a medical assistant?

Let’s learn you are being interviewed for a job as a medical assistant. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I just got back from a job interview at a shoe store and the assistant manager interviewed me for about 15 min?

He discussed pay with me, had me sign a background check paper and asked me a couple questions about my last job and what kind of hours I would like to work...At the end of the more


Don't worry about it. You're good. I think you have a successful job application. You can call them...

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"Ive been dying to do a job like this for ages!" or "Do I get to keep any of the bits...

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Just interviewed for a senior practice assistant job?

position is in a hospital clinic, I'm well qualified for it and all that the interviewer was really kind, after she had me meet everyone in the clinic however, she told me more


Good way to get in. Agencies don't have benefits.

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I can't find a job. What now?

Semi-recent law grad having an unusually hard time finding a job, possibly due to circumstances described within. I'm running out of ideas (and money), so I turn to you, AskMe. I graduated in 2006 from a very highly regarded law school in Ontario and...


how well did you like working for the law librarian? how confident are you in your research skills?...

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Am I considered a job hopper?

I have had 3 jobs since May 2008, when I graduated college. Not counting the countless internships I did and work study I did during college. This is kind of how my resume reads: Senior Buyer (2011-2012 - 1 year) Buyer/Planner (2010-2011 - 1 year, 3...


Each job was at least one year. You also moved, so do not worry about what it looks like, you need to...

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Why go on Job interviews when their gonna be this way? No call back?

Job Interview are nice I just have a problem with the job interview process and after job interview process. The HR Team gives you a call says they looked over your cover letter and resume and you appear to be a good candidate, schedule an interview...


It is extremely frustrating! I know your pain. Not to be mean, your grammar is terrible. This was difficult...

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When do I tell my boss I'm applying for another job?

When should I tell my supervisor about a job within our organization that I intend to apply for? I work at a large public university in an administrative capacity. I've been here for almost 6 years and was reclassified (promoted) last year. My supervisor...


I would frame it as advice. Go to George and say something like: "I really enjoy working here and...

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Interviewing for a new job and pregnant...advice?

Hi! I have been looking for a new job for about a month and a half. Had a few interviews, found out I was pregnant! (now I'm about 12 weeks) havent really started showing too much. Now I am waiting for job offers for 3 jobs that I interviewed for. DEntal...


Legally - a potential employer can NOT ask you if you're pregnant or not. Just keeping looking and interviewing...

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Need advice on summer job offer as research assistant?

So I've been job searching this summer and haven't had allot of luck. But the other day, I interviewed for Weyland Yutani. They said they'd be happy to take me in as a research assistant but want me to sign an employment contract. The job pays well ...


I'm pretty sure Weyland Yutani is a werewolf. Just saying. Watch your back.

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Should I quit my job?

Now I know that none of you are in my shoes and I probably should not be asking you such an important question as to whether I should quit my job or not - but hear me out and if you can, try to give me some advice or insight from a different perspective...


Boredom is in the eyes of the beholder. I was once in a very similar situation to yours. Well I was...

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