How PACKAGE argument for .External/.External2 works?

Let’s learn how PACKAGE argument for .External/.External2 works. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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r - How PACKAGE argument for .External/.External2 works ...

I have been exploring some R semantics and I am a bit puzzled how PACKAGE argument to .External interface works. For example, for rnorm from stats package. With ...

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Perl regex hell

I have been hammering Google for about three hours now trying to find the answer to what I expected to be a simple question: WTF is up with regular expression backreferences in Perl? I cannot make this (simple) find-replace work. Trying to automate some...


Specifically, this works for me:sub replaceString { my ($s, $r) = @_; if (s/$s/$r/eeig) { print; } else...

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Do Democrats understand why Most Americans are against Obamacare? (maybe these reasons)?'s my top 10 reasons WHY Obamacare is wrong. Let me know if you need about 100 more reasons....just ask 1. Millions Will Lose Their Current Insurance. Period. End of Story: President Obama wants Americans to believe they can keep their insurance...


Just wanted to thank u for keeping the facts out there, the more people that r made aware r the more...

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Java programming problem?

Well I'm trying to make a simple login GUI and everything works perfectly up until i try and login, it doesn't seem to think i registered even though i type in EXACTLY what i registered with. I will post the code and you can see my logic, i will post...


Looks like the issue is when you compare the strings. string1.equals(string2); string1 == string2 doesn...

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New stimulas package in the works?

Today,a friend of mine said she heard on the news that they are trying to pass some sort of stimulas package again this year,where tax payers will recieve money from the irs,the same as last year.Is this correct? I thought the stimulas package that Obama...


yes, they are working on a new stimulus package

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Honday Odyssey touring package - Michelin® PAX® System Run-Flat Technology, anyone know how it works?

The honda Odyssey touring package comes with the Michelin® PAX® System Run-Flat Technology. Anyone knows how it works, what happen if there's a flat tire? Can I bring it back to the dealer to fix the tire for free?


The Run flat Is A Tire That, If You Have A Flat Tire it Will Get You 50-75 Miles To Get To A Service...

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Turnkey package Customer login, tracks order progress. Maybe PHP login script that works with a database?

I am looking to purchase or download somewhat of a turnkey package that I can add to my web site. I think that I am looking for PHP login script that works with a database, possible MySQL. I am looking for fast and easy way to this What I want to accomplish...


You are not likely to find a standalone order tracking application; most software publishers include...

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What is a good digital scrapbooking software package that works on a Mac?

Are there any good free online sites I could use by themselves or with a software package? What is a good way to print off the pages? In the long run, is it cheaper than buying those photo books on Snapfish/Shutterfly?


Go to CropMom at and create your own layouts there. CropMom is free to use. You...

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Creative Commons: Can I re-distribute a group of CC BY and CC BY-SA licensed works as a package?

I always assumed I'm allowed to do so as long as I give attribution, but I want clarification. I would share them with their respective licenses. In my specific case, I would want to distribute on a public website, for free and and packaged together...


You can't. This is because you would be changing the license of some of the works (those that are CC...

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How does holiday package tours or organised tour selling works?

i just want to know how this system works and who are the stake holders involved. who comes up with the itinerary? who decides the pricing? What is the role of travel agents?


who comes up with the itinerary? - Usually the client expresses a draft and the actual itinery is done...

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