How does Stack Exchange's authorization works?

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How does Stack Exchange's authorization works

Possible Duplicate: How does SO's new auto-login feature work? After logging with an 3rd party account (facebook, google, ...), how does Stack Exchange Network save credentials? I signed up through an existing facebook account, I tried deleting cookies and cache for and refreshed the page to see if still logged in, and indeed I am still logged in. If not by cookies, how are the credentials saved (where)? What information is saved in the browser? No matter if OpenId or...


It saves them using 2 storage methods: cookies and localStorage (html5), and this is probably what you...

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What are the secrets Inside Israel's prisons ?!?… Detainees are blindfolded and kept in blackened cells, never told where they are, brutally interrogated and allowed no visitors of any kind. Dubbed 'the Israeli Guantanamo,' it's no wonder facility 13...



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Is a reputation driven privilege system appropriate to implement community moderation on a higher-level physics site?

In the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites, community moderation is implemented by means of a reputation based privilege system. This means, that the more reputation the users have, the more power they get to take part in governing and moderating...


FWIW, I like the way quora does things....  I was a frequent poster at another physics site, and I stopped...

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What would be your advice for the mission, promise, proposition value, and business strategy of a technology accelerator aiming at early-stage startups?

After a difficult first year, our company is already in position to start developing our challenge of becoming a full-stack technology accelerator, bringing a new concept to startups and entrepreneurship. I am sharing with you a resume of the main concepts...


Use one or both of your potential advantages, which many bootstrapped startups are likely to appreciate...

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Why do some people prefer Stack Exchange to Quora?

This is a follow-up question to Quora vs  Stack Exchange: Why do some people prefer Quora over Stack Exchange? I love both Quora and Exchange. In the question Quora vs  Stack Exchange: Why do some people prefer Quora over Stack Exchange?  we see a lot...


My two cents, as a longtime StackExchange user who just started using Quora yesterday. My first exposure...

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What are some mutually beneficial ways for Quora and Stack Exchange to cooperate?

Quora and Stack Exchange both fill important roles in the Q&A realm. I think they both compete with and complement each other. What are some ways where Quora and Stack Exchange could enhance the co-operation between them, that would benefit both...


I'm not sure this would be a good idea. Some of the questions about programming that I've seen on Quora...

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Did Jeff Atwood leave Stack Exchange or was he fired by Joel Spolsky?

I was originally a bit shocked to see Jeff Atwood leaving Stack Exchange last year, given that they had not even started making a profit around that time. Initially, I believed that he was leaving to probably spend more time with his family. Over time...


Considering they had a farewell podcast with him and invited him back on later: Podcast #51 - The Return...

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Is there a community on Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow sites like there is on Quora?

On Quora I interact with the same people quite often, I message some, there are blogs and everyone is friendly. There are also those like Joshua Engel who are almost legendary because they put thought into their content and provide hundreds or thousands...


The purpose of the Stack Exchange network is NOT to support and maintain international online communities...

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Has there been any academic research using Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange?

Are there any working or published papers (particular in social science) that study Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow? It seems like an interesting environment to study gamification, public goods contributions, etc.


Yes... there have been at least five that I know of. I don't know the details or publication locations...

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What is the appeal of Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange of sites?

I know people are passionate about Stack Overflow - and especially about their badges and reputation systems as well as the value of specific answers to programming questions. But I'm not a particularly active programmer these days - and from a pure...


My answer takes the point of view of the knowledge seeker who is also advancing a career. Although reputation...

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