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How can I make a playlist of singles

Over the years (!), I have collected a bunch of weekly freebies, plus I have bought a few singles. Is there any way that I can have a playlist made up of albums with just one track? I just tried dragging everything over, but created a problem where iTunes continually crashed. There has to be an easy way to do this. I can't believe it isn't there.


If you tagged them correctly using the "Total Tracks" tag, then they should all be "Track...

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How do i make a playlist for my ipod video?

ok so evrythign was going fine until i accidently broke my dads labtop which had my playlist on it. so he got a new labtop a few months later and we tryed and tryed fer days to get a new playlist but it started to upload songs that werent mine as if...


just go to file and then choose new playlist, then in that playlist add all the songs u want ur ipod...

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How do you make your own personal playlist using the ipod classic 30gb?

I am looking my make my own personal playlist using my ipod classic, however can i do this without making a playlist first then transfering them, can i not make an 'on the go playlist' using the ipod direct ly like you can on the new ipods?? Thanks xxx...


yes just make on the go

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How Do You Make A Playlist On Myspace?

I want to make a playlist on myspace but I don't know how. Can someone please show me how to make a playlist on myspace? All answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Myspace playlist. Can't figure out how to make one?

I'm trying to make a playlist for Myspace but it keeps only putting 1 song on my profile. How can i change that? How can i make a playlist? Please help!

Answer: you can add it to your facebook or your myspace

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How do you make all your favorite videos into a playlist on your featured page on youtube?

I tried to copy all my favorites I have onto a new playlist so that I could display it under the Playlist page on my new youtube channel. But it only says that I can hold up to 200 ish video in each playlist? Am I doing this right? How can I display...


sounds right. so just put the 200-ish up. then make a new one with the rest. best way is if your on...

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How to make a playlist for my blackberry on my computer?

I have a blackberry curve and I no how to make playlists from the actual phone but I already have folders and I want to just put a folder to a playlist but I have to select each song seperatly so I was wondering if there is a way to do this or a way...


Don't think so because the Playlists don't appear as folders on the computer so no.

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Turn on your device. Select and hold the "Menu Back" button. You will now see the main menu...

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Sansa c250 playlist? how to make a playlist?

Ive been trying to make playlists for my sansa c250. Do you make the playlists with the sansa alone , or do you need the help of a media player? Does the sansa even allow playlists? Ive run out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated.


OK, here's the deal. Windows Media Player is fine for transferring files to the c250, but doesn't seem...

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How to make a 'smart' playlist in itunes.. to not include videos?

I want to make a smart playlist so that every song from 2012, goes into the same playlist.. but it's putting in 2012 podcasts and videos as well.. how can i get it to just be songs?


go to file make new smart playlist then a box will come up and then change artists to year in the drop...

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