How To Prepare For Board Exams Icse?

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Best Five ways you can top your ICSE Class 10 Examinations

Best Five ways you can top your ICSE Class 10 ... And if you prepare ... only in the last two months helped me score 93% in my ICSE Board Exams in ...

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Study Revise. Revise again. Revise once again. Don't panic. You're set! Best of luck. :)

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ICSE Board Exams for Class X Help?

Help guys i wanna know what are the subjects that are compulsory to pass in the icse board exams. Is 2nd language, Computer Science and Environmental Education compulsory to pass. What is the system of giving percentage in ICSE board exams i hear they...


Yes you have heard correct,almost every candidate pass in icse, just 35 is passing marks,there are ...

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I have yet not prepared for board exams for 10th.Can i prepare it now?

If i prepare for my board exams from nowonwards could i can prepare for board exams?


you can do start preparing .prepare for the exam with full confidence and take maximum effort.sure,you...

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How can i stay motivated to get an above 96% result in ICSE board exams 2011??????????

I want to score more than 96-97% in ICSE 10th board 2011, which is more or less 1 year away.I think i hav the callibre to do that. But, i cannot stay focused and cannot maintain my study time table properly. What r the ways that i can stay focused to...


Meditation will not help.

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Icse board exams.?

what type of ques. are asked in these exams.can an average child answering these ques. get 75%or above if prepared like how an average child can prepares.are the ques.hard especially science ,maths,computer.till when the results are declared.


my dear young friend, u will definetly gain your goal, don't worry. concentrate on only study for remaining...

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How Should I prepare for class 10 board exams and which book should I refer to?

Please also give hints about how to prepare for IIT during 10.I also want answers from experienced and experts.Pleasesuggest good books to be refered.


concentrate on 10th first... u can study for IIT in 11th and 12th... cross the river when it comes use...

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How can I know if BITS Pilani/other branches accept students who took their 12th exams from NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling)?

Please do help. I am in dire need, Hope you understand. I have explained my situation  briefly below.(This will take just a couple minutes).  I Did'nt perform well in 12 th standard CBSE boards,was not satisfied and decided to take a drop. In the drop...


Hi, Isn't admission to BITS dependent solely on the BITSAT? Or are you asking the validity of an NIOS...

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Do I HAVE to take the Engineering Entrance exams...?

I it an absolute must to take them? I already skipped the IIT exam(seriously, I felt like it was useless to even try since I didn't prepare a thing). I'm not giving AIEEE or BITS either. My college has been preparing us for IITJEE for the past...


i think u should wait for a year. and start preparing for iit and aieee by joining some institute and...

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Friend, CBSE would be a better choice. CBSE is organizing JEE Main 2014. Candidates eligible with specific...

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