How to study for economics exams?

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How To Study For Your Economics Exam

Tips on how to study for your economics exam that is a few weeks away as well as tips on how to cram the night before, if necessary. Food; Health;

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Go to a spanish bar, mix your drinks, play pool, gamble & count your money in the morning.

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How can i study and pass all 11 of my exams?

My first exam is 1 month away- may 21, from there i have 11 exams between late may & early june. My exams are in Economics, Geography, History, English, general studies, However i am re-taking all of those exams again from original sits in January...


You need to start revising now, as it's not a good idea to cram at the last minute. Give as much time...

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How should I study in 12th? (CBSE-Commerce-Maths)?

So I've been in 12th since a month now, and now I wish to get very serious about studies.I know to excel in the board exams I need to get off the internet and study, but i need to make a proper timetable first in order to make the best use of my time...


Hey Rajat, after going through your query, i found that you are very keen to be on the top of others...

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Scared about exams, any ideas?

I've got exams in 2 weeks. I'm so nervous about them! I have got 6 subjects to study; Maths, English, Biology, Accounting, Chemistry and Home Economics. I'm really worried. I have already started studying. The night before exams, I don't sleep so well...


Get somebody to check on you every half an hour, like a parent or older brother/sister. Tell them to...

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How Good Do You Have To Be To Study Medicine?

Well, another year and half of High-school left until I go to University, I wanted to study Medicine, just wondering do you have to be really really good to get in and pass etc, I live in New zealand if it matters in anyway. The Subjects I study in High...


Yes need to get Excellence for all to get competitive XD

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Study tips/techniques ?! ?

I have my scottish standard grade exams in may/June. I'm a credit student, I got 8 1's in my prelim/mock exams :) I take maths, english, german, physics, biology, computing, home economics and modern studies! Do you have any tips on how I can keep my...


Repeat alot and prepare well. This means don't learn the evening before the exams, but at least a month...

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Teachers: I need some study tips please :)?

Hi, im going into year 11 this year, so the next 2 years are crucial for me. im not very smart i have been getting Cs and Ds i got 2 As which were in PE and careers, and 1 B in science- so science isnt really a problem for me. My Ds were in Maths and...


Read this article for studying for tests… (to help you...

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Study techinques!? Need them fast?

My exams are starting on Thursday and I've been in hospital so haven't been able to complete all the studying I should have. What are some study techniques which allow me to learn quicker?? These are what subjects I still need to study if that helps...


Do past papers - I find studying 9am to 9pm with regular breaks is effective.

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Do you have to go to college to become actuary..if u pass just the soa exams will u get a good job?

I want to do actuarial science. I dont want to go to college as i cant afford. i have managed to buy the fm study manual. i am good in maths, statistics , economics and accounts.. dont know much about finance. If i pass the SOA exams without a college...


I believe that you need some sort of a degree whether it be in economics, math, stats, actuarial science...

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