How do homeschoolers take tests/exams?

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How do homeschoolers in Illinois take drivers ed?

Hi I recently left my public school to go to high school online. I was wondering how im supposed to take drivers ed without having to go back to my public school for the course.


First you need to take Drivers Ed, then once you finish with that, you will get a certificate of completion...

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Do homeschoolers have to take state test?

I am planning on doing a online schooling for my high school years. My question is do you have to take the ACT and SATS and will I get a diploma?


Yes, you should take the ACT and/or the SAT if you want to get into colleges. As to diplomas, it depends...

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Homeschoolers and Socialization?

Why do so many people feel that school is the only place where socialization occurs for children? I homeschool my children, and I am so sick of hearing about the supposed lack of socialization. School is NOT the only place, and it certainly is not the...


Because their neighbor's brother's best friend's cousin homeschools his kid and they met him for 10...

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What test do homeschoolers have to take to get into college?

I know that students in regular school take the ACT (?) but I think there is a seperate one homeschoolers take.....?


They have to take the SAT or the ACT btw im homeschooled

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Does Duke really like to take homeschoolers better then public schoolers?

I'm homeschooled and would love to go to duke and i heard that duke would take homeschoolers over public schoolers. is that true?


I wouldn't know about Duke,specifically, but I know what I see at state conventions. We have a family...

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What is the last day for homeschoolers to take the end of the year test?

im home schooled and i know its some time in April that's the last day for home schooled kids to take a FCAT like test but its not FCAT... if there's any teachers that know more


It there is a deadline, it would be set by your state homeschool laws. You do not mention what state...

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My 6th grader takes about three hours to complete his school work. My 10th grader takes about five hours...

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Calling all High School homeschoolers!!!!?

Hey everyone!1! Chloe here! I was just wondering, for all you HS homeschoolers out there, how many of your academic classes do you take at homeschool groups, how many online, and how more


I think that sounds amazing!!! Thats great that you have that group available to you. I live in a small...

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Can you help me out homeschoolers?

I need people to take my survey of home schooled/public school students for my sociology final so if you can take it, that would be great! I mostly need more homeschoolers to take it. more


I will pass it on to my 12 yr old tomorrow

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Can homeschoolers do extra curricular activities and take AP or honors courses?

Can homeschoolers do extra curricular activities and take AP or honors courses so it can look good on their transcript?Currently i go to online school and want to get into a good more


What colleges look for in extra-curriculars: * How you've made a meaningful contribution to something...

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