How can I become a pediactric nurse?

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How to Become a Pediatric Nurse - Aspiring Nurse

A pediatric nurse is a nurse that is responsible for caring for children in a hospital. Pediatrics is a special field of nursing, and it is one that requires extra ...

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How does one become a pediactric nurse?

I would really like to become a pediactric nurse. What would be the easiest way to do so? Im currently looking into lpn programs but are there any programs that transition into becoming an RN? What are the easiest steps to get to my goal?


Yes, if you become an LPN, you will be able to find bridge programs which you can then complete in order...

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I want to become a pediactric nurse but i would like to work in a certain ward wich specialises in liver. ?

so what would i have to take or would i have to go to college or uni. how would i go about it basicly!


You need go to any school that offers nursing as a degree. If you want to be an RN you can get either...

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A rediactric nurse is a nurse to take care of children from 0-15

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Should I become a nurse even though I'm bad at science?

Should I become a nurse even though I'm bad at science? I'm very passionate about helping people better themselves. I'd like to become a pediatric travel nurse and then settle down and become a school nurse, and teach about STD'S, but I am HORRIBLE at...


First, your grades won't get you into nursing school, if you don't get them up and you will have to...

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I would like to go to school to become a nurse. I just dont know what kind of nurse. Can you help me?

I know my aunt is some kind of nurse that sits with the elderly and looks after them, and gives them there medication...ect. I think its call a CN nurse...Im not sure. I know I dont want to be a RN...Because the schooling is too long... I would like...


Enrolled Nurses do all the basic stuff, but the pay is never very good, and its exhausting. In many...

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Why does everyone encourage me to become a physician rather than an registered nurse...?

Many have stated if you have the drive and work ethic, become a physician. My professors, parents, and fellow peers have stated that their are much advantages to becoming a physician than a nurse. Many of them have discouraged me of becoming a nurse...


Depends on why you want to become a nurse or physician. I am currently going to school for nursing....

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Is it better to become a vocational nurse before going onto becoming a registered nurse?

Is it better to become a vocational nurse then continue on to become a registered nurse? Or should I just start going to school to become a registered nurse?


Depends upon how much time and money you have. Myself, I think the RN is the thing to do first. What...

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How do I become a RN nurse? What is being an RN nurse like?

How many years of college and/or nursing school does it take to become a RN nurse? How much will it cost? How is a RN nurse different from a regular nurse? RN nurse help with more


I suggest you do some web surfing about nurses to get a clearer picture about all the forms that nurses...

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