How can i become a learning disability nurse?

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do a degree in nursing

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Can I become a doctor with a learning disability?

I have no special ed class. Im in 10th grade. but i still have a learning disability when ever we have a test in bio or ect i go to a diffrent class to take the test. But DO NOT GIVE more


you haven't told me what kind of learning disability you have: dyslexia, ADHD...what? You can become...

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Can a person with a learning disability become a doctor or an engineer?

I think Im a slow learner and a slow thinker but I want to someday become a doctor or engineer, is it possible for me to become one even though im slow?


There is a book about how anything is possible if somebody never gives up. I wish I knew the name. There...

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How do I become a learning disabilities nurse in the usa?

I have recently completed a degree in learning disabilities nursing in the UK (I understand it is called 'intellectual disabilities' in the states). I am interested in moving more


US nurses are generalist trained, not specialist trained. You need training in adult, peds, OB/GYN and...

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Common learning disabilities in children who have cardiac problems?

I need to provide examples on exposure to nursing people with a learning disability. I am a child branch nursing student and i was on placement on a cardiac ward in a childrens hospital, so a range of kids with varying heart conditions. I didnt really...


maybe choose a specific learning disability such as downs syndrome which is commonly associated with...

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How can I build a strategy for changing careers, getting trained as a nurse, and working toward someday becoming a nurse practitioner?

For the past few years I worked overseas in educational publishing, and it’s time for me to take my life in a new direction. I want a career that will allow me to work with people, challenge me to keep learning new things, and provide room...


If you have a degree already (in anything), you might see if you can apply to an after-degree RN program...

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Anybody with a learning disability or experience with one?

Can someone tell me what the upside is to a learning disability?? When I say learning disability I am referring to inattentive ADD or someone with a hard time reading, spelling, comprehension etc. I wonder this because you hear how if you loose one sense...


I also had trouble reading, and I realized that when I was reading, I was reading the spaces around...

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How to discuss a possible learning disability with a student?

I teach college students. One otherwise capable student I have taught this year has struggled in particular ways that suggest s/he might have a learning disability or similar. The school's office for student disability service can provide testing &...


This is one of those situations where you ask the office for disability services exactly how you should...

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Could I Have a Learning Disability?

Okay, so I'm convinced I have a learning disability, and my parents have noticed my problems, too. All of my life I have struggled with multiple things, especially math, and as I move forward in school it is progressively getting worse. My mom really...


Sounds like dyslexia and discacullia to me. I am and I see all theses problems in myself. I also thave...

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Learning disabilities nurse?

in the future i want to work with people who have learning disabilities what grades do i need to become a learning disabilities nurse? do i need to go to sixth form? uni? and what more


I assume you are in the UK. Learning disabilities is an intellectual disability that does not require...

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