How can I change my MSN background to color again?

Let’s learn how can I change my MSN background to color again. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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how do I change the background color of my page ...

That doesn't work, try again. Harold S Self (NccowboySelf) ... You can change the background color of by following the below steps: 1.

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On MSN (Windows Live Messenger), Can I Change The Background Color Where The Text Gets Written?

Every time I use MSN to talk to my girlfriend, the white background where the text is displayed starts to hurt my eyes. I keep wishing I could make the background black and the text more


there could be other ways but i know (or you could atleast) change the color if you install messenger...

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Is there any way to change the background msn color from white to something else?

i spend alot of time on msn, and the obvious answer for the following question would be to cut down on msn,haha but i was wondering if there was a way to somehow change the background more


if you mean the place that it shows your sent messages, you can change it by changing the skin, if you...

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How do you change the color scheme of WLM 2011 ?

How do you change the color of your chat windows on WLM 2011 ? do NOT answer me : "try this log on MSN clic on tools clic on 'change theme' here you can set up the theme and colors" It does NOT work. It allows you to place a background picture...


you can't. they've changed it so you can only pick a theme, not a colour. they've also removed loads...

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How do I change my white tables to black or a different Color| or change my whole background?

This is not really a question! well I had the same question & this Website helped lots, Hopes works the same 4 you!( : <style> table.rail {display:none;} table, tr, td {background-color :transparent; border:0px;} body, table table {background...


Go to a hardware shop like B&Q and places like that and ask for some laminating agent. Some second...

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How can I change the blue background color of my incoming emails in my Yahoo Email account back to white again?

My Yahoo email account is in the Classic format & the color theme is blue. Just now when I opened the incoming emails, the BODY of each email has a blue background instead of the usual white background. In other words, I'm reading the email with...


G O D bless the U S A Instructions Difficulty: Easy Things You’ll Need: * Latest version of Mozilla...

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Why can't I change the color of text when i am composing an email or change the background color anymore?

I have had this acct for 5 yrs and i know how to change settings, select a different font, size of text, color of text, background themes, etc but for some reason when i click the color pallet above the compostin box the boxes are all white. Then i change...


I am having the same problem. I tried color from another computer without a problem. I tried different...

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Create color scan with transparent background or change PDF?

I have scanned a document into my computer that was on colored letterhead as a PDF. I want to maintain the color in the letterhead so I did a color scan. The scanner has also picked up the ivory background of the document. I would like to print it on...


Just scan the logo and add a little contrast to it. That will show the logo on a white background.

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How to change the background color of the background layer of a Photoshop image?

I have a logo with white background. I wanted to change the background color of the background layer to Grey.


if the logo is on a separate layer, remove/delete the background layer with white colour and add another...

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How to change the background color on the same page?

hi how can i change a background when i click a link inside my website its like when i click my link the background color will change to blue permanently when i click another link my color will change to yellow


This can be done using JavaScript. <a href="#" onClick='function() { document.body.background...

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