How can I create my own hosted svn server?

Let’s learn how can I create my own hosted svn server. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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create own svn repository hosting - Stack Overflow

... AnkhSVN and GoogleCode and as my project hosting. For me it's frustrating to fill all this forms before create next ... Server Fault; Super User;

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What is the best way to create, manage SVN repositories for a SVN hosting provider?

Suppose that I want to build a svn hosting provider (e.g Google Code hosting). Each user can create a new project, add people to that projects so that they can commit, update, etc, or access via web browser. What is the best way to create and manage...


I have the same question could you get any good way to do that?

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Help me configure a simple Win2K DNS name server

I have a dedicated server with 3 ip addresses tied to my box. I need to create my own Name Servers on my dedicated box. I went to and added the and already. Now I need help to configure Win2k DNS so that my...


Hi lochness-ga, First of all, keep in mind that if you're hosting both NS records on the same machine...

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How to create a website? what are domains,servers,host? do i need them how was facebook and google made??help?

i want to no how to create a website what to do for it and what is a host and what is a server...websites like facebook and twiiter have their own server so that means they host their own website?can i get a server to? do i need a host to upload my website...


To make a website, you'd need the following: a domain name a web host something to make the pages A...

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What is the best way to create a cloud-hosted application from scratch?

I'm looking to move over an application built in ColdFusion + CFWheels (CF equivalent of Rails) and MSSQL that is hosted on an aging managed server to the cloud. I'm looking forward to ditching ColdFusion and I"m excited about the possibilities...


If you are aiming to create a native app checkout Parse. I used it with pretty good success for a demo...

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For SVN, your best bet is the SVN book (  Has lots of good information...

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I cannot create a wifi hotspot or connect to private cable internet (Acer laptop). Any help?

I have a laptop for a year and half (Acer Aspire 5755G-2438G75Mnks i5-2430M 8GB 750GB nVIDIA GT 540M 2GB Linux - with windows 7 ultimate on it) and I encountered until now two problems regarding the internet: Page on 1 this period I went multiple times...


To provide internet access you must bridge the interfaces, selecting the wired and the wireless interfaces...

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Is there a secure way to share a private Git repository with others by pushing it in an encrypted format to a general-purpose server hosted by a hosting service?

This is a follow-up question to What is your favorite cloud SVN hosting provider for private and proprietary code and why?.


This isn’t quite what you asked, but if your server supports CGI scripts and HTTP authentication...

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Can I transfer my Minecraft world to a server?

I've been mucking around on Minecraft for a while now. So the single player world I have created has a ton of work in it. Now my friend wants to play with me, so I was hoping I could create a server (either hosted by me, or online) and have it load my...


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How to setup my own web-based service for employee management?

Good day! I really need someone's help to see if and how I can create a web site that would offer an employee in/out board service for a monthly fee. At first, I simply wanted to create a Windows software that would act like a Web server allowing companies...


Good Day oldman-ga, Sounds like you already have the basics figured out. I'm going to present you with...

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