How can I use GIT in my own server?

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Howto use git with a server?

I have a server (Linux, Debian) and my client (Windows). Currently I just copy my files over ssh to the server. Now I want to be cool and use git. I am trying this for a long time now and I am not sure what my question is. I created repositories on server and client. Commited my files but failed to push/pull/clone with IDE/GUI/console. Finally I managed to clone from command line. Just to find out that push does still not work. Do I need a bare repository? Looks like bare repositories don't have...


The git community documentation extensively explains how to use a remote repository over ssh and how...

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How can I use Git as a distributed, private repository for server configuration files?

I am a new user of Git. I am thinking of controlling changes for configuration files in my Linux boxes, mostly CentOS. Putting all important configuration files for a box under one repository/project. Since all those configuration files are obviously...


What is your prime motivation for this? Is it to backup the files in case of a system failure or just...

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I am working on implementing exactly this for a team now. Fortunately, it looks like it is going to...

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How do I use GIT in a remote server of a web host?

I used to work on my own and I'd just FTP the changes to the staging server to review the website. Now with another developer in the team, I want to know how to use the Git workflow effectively. Is it possible to install Git directly in the staging server...


If you own the staging server which you could use as a source code repository, you could install GitLab...

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How should I use Git/SVN for my projects running on an EC2 server? I am the only person who writes the code

Currently I am writing PHP code on an Amazon EC2 server and I am editing the live code everytime I need to make a minor change. Obviously this is not the best way to proceed so I would like some advice on how I can improve this setup with regards to...


One simple way I use for fast prototyping and quick version control on my VPS (which could resemble...

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Why do Facebook and Google use Github rather that setting up their own git server?

Note:Kernel uses Gitweb in the Kernel Server


Google has its own repository, "google code"....

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What is the proper way to use git for local development and on a live production server?

We are a startup working on a saas product and we are using Ruby on Rails as our technology. We need some input on the proper way to use the git version control system used by other startups.


This is something that most companies use as a good practise:

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Yes, you can check GitHub Enterprise GitHub Enterprise includes the same great set of features as GitHub...

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I use a raspberry pi as a home NAS. It should be fine running those other things. Keep in mind that...

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How can I connect Git to my web server and Notepad++?

I'm still very new to Git and not quite sure how it works. I use NPP to edit and I often find myself editting so much and not being able to revert back to a previous edit without having had backed something up. How can I use Notepad++ to connect to my...


You cannot connect Git to Notepad++ or any software. Git is a version control system that tracks changes...

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