How can I get community service?

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How can i get fast community service hours?

I have to get 15 hours of community service hours in about 3 weeks for school and i have no idea what to do. What are some faster ways of getting hours. When i say fast, i mean that i want to be able to sign up quickly and get started fast.


go to a soup kitchen. They will hand you a spoon.

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How can I get over this one stump before community service?

I love helping others and I want to be a nurse , I am going to be and people who are really close describe me as being caring and nice. I have never done community service before honestly(That I can remember other than a Halloween thing for some little...


How can you be a nurse with such a phobia of dirt? You are going to be encountering a LOT of that in...

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How soon can you do your community service for first DUI? I WANT TO GET IT OVER WITH?

i am21 and just got my first ever offense on my record. i have to have a one year suspension of license, community service, and assesments. if you know, how soon can you do the community service? i have to leave in 6 months for college. obviously im...


Well, that depends on how many hours you have to complete. If you do it straight through, I'm sure it...

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How can I get my parents to stop making me do community service?

Ok so I had to do community service for religion class and to get into national junior honor society. I had to have it all done by the end of december. I had it all done 2 months in advance, (I was and still am volunteering in my local library) yet i...


Volunteering is a fantastic way to gain experience, especially if youre young. It looks great on a resume...

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I need community service hours how can i get them?

I need 4 hours of community service by tomorrow. It is 3:23 PM right now. How can i get these hours?!


You may be out of luck because most if not all of the places who are authorized to sign off on community...

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How can I get 5 hours of community service in 3 days?

I need a total of 20 hours of community service for my confirmation class but I can't do more than 5 hours of the same thing. I have already done: nursing home volunteered at another school to work with little kids tutored kids at my school I have done...


Volunteer at a public library maybe? They can have you sit at a desk or reshelve books.

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How can I get a press pass to cover a charity event for my community service req. for my major college?

I am a 3rd year Socilogy/Film major in college and I would like to cover a charity event to fulfill my community service requirement for graduation. How do I go about getting a press pass to attend this event? Gotta move fast. The event is in October...


Call the organization that is hosting the event. They should be able to issue you a pass. Depending...

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How can I get involved in community service?

I want to do some community service, perferably cancer related because I am a cancer survivor. Who do I need to talk to and what type of stuff could I do?


Good for you for wanting to volunteer. You can start by looking at Or contact...

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How can i get community service hours ?

i just got into high school and i need 75 hours of community service willing to do almost any possible job


Check with libraries and the registrar of voters.

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How can I get more involved in community service?

I want to do stuff for my community but don't know where to start. I am under 16. Any ideas? Thanks!


First decide what you are good at, which is probably also what you like to do. Like to cook? Homeless...

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