How can I get pictures from a video?

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How do i " get " pictures from a video?

i have this video , and on that video , at the beggining , i want to like make that a oicture , so how would i go about doing that ?


Try doing a print screen. Hold shift, and hit the print screen button (it should be on the top right...

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My email won't allow me to email a short video taken from my camera, only pictures how can i get more space??

I can only send pictures to email recipents but can';t send short video's to email recepient not sure what to do?


This is tricky,.. ohh the factors. Some e-mail providers won't let things come in. Yahoo! Mail Uploading...

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How can I get instagram video filters to apply to pictures as well?

I love the filters for videos on instagram but I'm wondering if it's possible to get them for pictures, I can tell they are different but would rather have them on my more


I have to wonder why you just did not try applying those video "filters" to your instagram...

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How can I get pictures out of a mpeg4 video?

I downloaded videos off of my JVC Enverio and they came in mpeg 4 format. I have windows movie maker and that format doesnt seem to work. I could convert them all to wmv files, but that would take a loooong time since there are a bunch of videos. Does...


I have power cinema on my desktop this has an option to take snapshots from video

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Does any one know how to get still pictures from an 8mm video camera tape or a VHS tape?

Or can the 8mm or VHS be put into digital form, so the images can be uploaded to a computer? Ideally, I'd like to be able to get photos made from the taped images. One weekend my husband and I spent checking out the covered bridges of our [then] county...


You need a TV Tuner card installed into your PC. Don't get the ATI brand!!!! Look here, almost anyone...

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Optimus MPEG4 Digital video camera, the pictures look horrible, out of focus & can't get the flash on! HELP!

Pictures are dark and out of focus, can't see who is who. Can't get flash on. Need help, really getting mad with the camera. Pictures are really bad!


That camera is pretty much a toy. Any camera that purports to give you excellent videos, still photographs...

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How do you get pictures off a video on iPod touch?

i have videos on my i pod and i don't know how to make them pictures, i did before but i forget how to do it and Google is not telling me anything. i want to take pictures of the videos. i hope this makes sense. thankyou


pause it at where ever you want the picture and hit the home button & power button at the same time...

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How Do i get This video onto my pictures?… i want this^ video onto my pictures on my computer so i can put it on my phone. How do i do it?


You can't save a video file as a picture..

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how to get good pictures of dust Zoom in on it, and change the lighting so it stands out, or make a...

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You can get pictures from a video you took on your iPhone by transferring the video to your PC and then...

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