How can I get rid of my Spots?

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How can I quickly get rid of my spots and also prevent them?

I've recently started to get lots of spots on my forehead and they don't seem to be going. I cleanse, tone and moisturize every morning and night and do plenty of exercise and yet I am still getting spots! P.S, i am a 14 year old girl and I know that I am probably getting spots because I am a teenager but I still want to get rid of them! I am a fussy eater so will my diet be affecting my spots? thankyou for your help x


Hi Isabelle, I have had a problem with spots too, and I found that all the cleansing, toning and moisturising...

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How can i get rid of these red spots under my skin?

i do have teenage spots on my face, but under my skin especially on my forehead i have little red marks under my skin. they are not bumps and i cannot squeeze them. i don't think they are spots coming because they have been there for years now. some...


I am not a doctor and with chronic cystic acne, you need to see a dermatologist.

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How do i get rid of spots using tea tree oil? Or is there another way i can get rid of them?

I have small spots all over my face, i reallly want to get rid of them, how can i do this.


Natural acne cure.

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How can I get rid of spots?

There's so many solutions over the internet about how to get rid of spots, but none of them seem to work for me! It's not that I have acne, it's just that my skin gets really oily and greasy and I don't know what to use on my face to prevent this. I...


nothing usually works for me either :/ i always use some cotton water and put hot water on it and dab...

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How can i get rid of stubborn blackheads/spots?

Hi i am 15 (male), i know it is pretty normal but i have lots of blackheads on and around my nose and chin and a few spots on my forehead. I use a big variety of special scrubs,gels,wipes and oils to get rid of them (especially the blackheads) and they...


Stetch the skin on your nose, dont squeeze, put your fingers on either side of your nose and pull back...

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What is causing the dark spots/rash brought on by wearing a waist training belt & waist cincher & how can I get rid of it?

I bought a waist training belt (gold's gym brand) to wear while working out and in the sauna, after a few times wearing it I started to become itchy & developed bumps where the belt was wore. Well later those bumps turned into permanent dark splotches...


They are most likely similar to the dark circles you get around ones eyes. You most likely have very...

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How can i get rid of spots easy and quick and at home without expense?

i have spots and i want to get rid of them really quick and easy at home without using expensive products..does anyone know what helps the skin and how to get rid of the spots quick?


Here's a tip: Turn your pillow case over every night, horizontally one night, vertically the next. That...

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How can I get rid of spots on my forehead?

I have tiny little spots on my forehead which are really anooying, so I want to get rid of them. I am 15 year old male and have had these spots of about a year. I want to know if there is any products or get a doctor to clear it up. Please give me an...


Niacinamide face cleansing pads are effective and simple way to keep acne away. Just place a pad on...

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How to get rid of dark marks on your feet..i have a bunch of what we call poker dot leg spots can i get rid of them

there is like two hundred on one foot so judge 2 what is the best way to get rid of them ........i want the normal clear foot.. am so shame when i have to wear swim suit ,i wear long jeans all the time and if am wearing some shorts i put on some silly...


well...take this thing seriously and go consult a doctor [ who knows things about different skin types...

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How can I get rid of body spots.....?

These spots appear on my entire body excluding my face, lower legs (from the knee down), lower arms (from the elbows down). They seem to start of as small red "dots" and then turn into whiteheads. I usualy tend to get a lot more of these spots...


its probably heatrash or you may be allergic to something see a doctor

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