How can I get rid of my bearshare toolbar?

Let’s learn how can I get rid of my bearshare toolbar. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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search in add or remove program..should be as toolbar!

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if u are using mozila firefox i think u should go to tools and add-ons

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Bearshare toolbar help?

hey, i cant get rid of bearshare toolbar, i uninstalled bearshare a while ago but the toolbar and homepage wont change.ive been to add/remove programs but theres nothing to do with more


Bearshare is considered spyware by some anti-spyware programs. You could try Spybot or Lavasoft Ad-aware...

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Hwo do I get something off my toolbar?

I downloaded this thing called BearShare and I don't want it anymore. How do I get it off my toolbar?


Two ways I know of: Start>control panel>add/remove programs. Find that program in the list, highlight...

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How do I get rid of bearshare and stop it from being the homepage on the internet?

I have windows 7 and I use FireFox.I downloaded bearshare a while ago and immediately I wanted it deleted because it was stupid. I uninstalled it and it was gone. Now whenever I get on the internet, bearshare search engine is my homepage and I have tried...


Bearshare is a bit difficult and tricky to remove completely. By default, Bearshare makes the following...

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I hate the new Yahoo toolbar. How can I get the old toolbar back?

I downloaded the new yahoo toolbar, only because it claimed that i would get email alerts, thereby doing away with the need to sign-in to find out if there was new mail. As it turns out, you have to be signed-in in order for the alerts to function. What...


You might be able to get an earlier version of Y! Toolbar from Search on

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Toolbar is stuck on finance toolbar, I didn't put it there. How do I get it back on search toolbar?

I tried to refresh toolbar, it will not change. Tried checking search toolbar under pencil, will not appear checked. Tried to customize toolbar, no change. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, No change. Have also lost all links under big red Y!.


Do a system restore to the day that you know it was all ok,, start programs select system restore,,...

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How can I get an old version of yahoo toolbar? The one that worked perfect before yahoo's infamous improvement

Since I downloaded the new 'improved' version of yahoo toolbar when I close my browser I get a message that IE has encountered a problem and need to close. Very annoying. When I uninstall the toolbar the problem goes away. The old original 'unimproved...


This is the new upgrade they did. Look on your email page and it will say "What’s New"...

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I lost my yahoo toolbar after installing Norton 2008 up-date, how can I get the yahoo toolbar back?

I want to have my yahoo toolbar at the top of the yahoo page. After installing an up-date to my Norton account, my yahoo toolbar was replaced with a Norton "phishing protection on" bar and no sign of the yahoo toolbar, how can I get the yahoo...


After installing Norton you will need to reinstall the yahoo toolbar which can be found here. http:...

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While I am using Ask, my Toolbar vanishes and nothing I do can make it come back: what is causing this? How can I get it to reappear?

I don't want to cause any offense to the company or to the Admins, but I am staunchly firm on this: I want to use our own Firefox Mac toolbar, all the time, not the Ask toolbar! The ENTIRE DOCK ON HIS MAC vanishes TOO!You see, my partner owns this computer...


This seems to be a problem with only the mac operating systems, my PC does fine with the tool bar and...

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