How can I get sponsored by a top company?

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International Students: I'm about to graduate from college as a Business major, what should I focus on to get sponsored by a company?

I'm an international senior Business Major student that is about to graduate from one of the California State Universities. I already applied for my OPT in which I will be able to work for one year. However, I will need to get sponsored by the company around April or else I would have to go back to my country, which I highly dislike. I would do anything to just stay here, because I love U.S, especially California. I was wondering what should I be focusing on in terms of a specific skill so that...


make sure you understand your priorities then focus on the top one. Seems to me what you need for your...

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How can i get sponsored by a fixed gear company?

I do lots of fixie tricks and i want to get noticed but i dont know how to get sponsored can somebody please tell me how....i live in los angeles


Check with the different companies and explain to them what you are doing. See if they will sponsor...

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How could i get sponsored by a audio company?

i have a killer set up and looking to go bigger and better i see all these people sponsored by kicker and jl and rockford fostgate how do i get sponsored by them?


yeah usually you have to already have their equipment and be in competitions and such. i might be getting...

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How do i get personally sponsored from a company for cycling?

I want to be sponsored, but i have no clue how to approach it. I am part of a cycling team, but i know that i must be a independant cyclist to be sponsored.


If you are good enough to be noticed you can get sponsorship. Build your resume with wins. Let everyone...

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How much does a company to get a night at a bar sponsored?

I'm working for a company and I was just curious how much it would cost to get a bar to have a night that is sponsored by us? just an estimate is fine im just wondering if we would have to pay the bar for using the venue that evening. It's not like it...


I think you can contact the local hotels and ask them if they rent ball rooms or the conference rooms...

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How does one get sponsored by a company as to go to university?

I am soon to make my choice to go to university and send off my ucas etc. After university I want to go into either petroleum engineering or weapons designing. However to help get my degree in engineering and also secure a job, I was wondering how does...


write to every single company in that field with a CV and a very good covering letter explaining your...

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How do you get sponsored for tech deck/fingerboard company?

Yeah so I'm like really good and i heard you can get sponsored for it! I think that's kinda cool. So how do i go about doing this? Do i make a video or what? And where do i go to give the video? Thanks 4 all the help!


put videos on youtube enter contests like FFI rail jam and get a good reputation

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How do I get sponsored by a golf company.?

Hi I am 15 years old and a scratch golfer. I would like to know how I could get a sponsorship by a golf company and if it is legal for amateurs to have sponsors.


By having some worthy results in amateur events and getting a ranking!

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MLG (Major League Gaming) does not sponsor individual players. MLG has players under contract and also...

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How does one get sponsored by a musical instrument company (like Fender, Zildjian, etc)?

How does somebody go about getting sponsored by an instrument maker (Fender, Zildjian, Gibson, etc)


First put together a simple proposal, outlining the sponsorship details. How much money are you asking...

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