How can I get out of a lease for an apartment?

Let’s learn how can I get out of a lease for an apartment. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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last july i signed a 12 month lease on my apartment. The community appeared to be nice and in a quiet location. About 2 months after moving in i would come home and find food such as bread hot do buns on the floor. About a week later i discovered that...


You can ALWAYS get out of a lease, but there are legal, moral and financial consequences of so doing...

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How can i get my name seperated from an apartment lease?

I have a lease with my ex. I moved out over a month ago and she is refusing to sign the form to remove my name from the lease. The complex is saying we both need to sign it to remove my name. The original year lease term is over but our apartment complex...


Since it is now a month-to-month arrangement, it is no longer a lease, but a month-to-month rental....

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I am trying to get out of my apartment lease so i can contract to ROTC and go to another school.... how?

Here is my dilemma. I went to a school with ROTC and then i ran out of money for schooling and now i am in my 3rd year of school and i am trying to contract with an ROTC program next semester and get on scholarship.. which everything is pretty well lined...


If you had an enlistment contract or an ROTC contract in your hands you could get out of the lease....

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Not living in apartment but still paying. How can I get off the lease?

I moved out two months ago. Two girls still live there. No matter what I do it's impossible to get someone to take my spot on the lease (I don't blame them no one would want to live with these girls). I am trying to find a way out so I don't have to...


Ask the manager about your lease if you can break it. May have to pay something.

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How can I get out of my apartment lease in PA?

I have a lease that I HAVE to get out of ASAP but they aparently will wack me with about 3-4 grand worth of penalities and charges if I do! My lease is not up until October and I have to leave. Without getting into detail, it needs to be done. Is there...


Nope You signed a contract, that I am sure outlined what the penalty would be if you terminated early...

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How can I get lease an apartment?

How can I sign a lease for an apartment without having an income as a requirement for signing the lease contract? Can I use my financial aid to sign it?

Answer: aid is not income and is unlikely to be sufficient to cover your rent and utilities....

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How can i get my name off of the lease for an apartment with my ex?

I lib my ex for a little over one month. Both our names are on the lease because she is over 18. We split and I left. Now I want to get my name off the lease. So I called the office and they said me n her both have to sign a paper and my name comes off...


The only way the lease can be modified is if all parties agree. So if your ex won't agree, you are stuck...

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How can I get out of an apartment lease in Florida?

My wife, infant son and I live in an apartment and our lease will be up in 2 months. Now we are supposed to close on a house in a week or 2. Now the landlord is responsible for the water utility bill and has on 2 separate occasions allowed the water...


No you do not have legal cause to break the lease. Talk with the landlord and see if he will voluntarily...

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How can we legally get out of an apartment lease?

I had my grandson while my daughter-in-law was deployed, so I got an apartment, in my name, now she is moving to Germany with her son, how can I get out of our lease, can we use the military clause.


If there is a military clause in your lease, read it and see what it says.

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How can I get out of my apartment lease? *complicated*?

I signed a lease with an apartment complex for next school year and ended up deciding I don't want to live there anymore. There are some issues though. Before I came in there to more


I would think that if you haven't completely filled out the contract that it's not a valid contract...

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