How can I hook up my PS3 to speakers?

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4 Ways to Connect a PS3 to Computer Speakers - wikiHow

How to Connect a PS3 to Computer Speakers. ... Here's how you can connect computer speakers to a Playstation 3 video game console without the use of an amplifier or ...

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How can I hook up my ps3 to my logitech z-2300 speakers while my ps3 is connected via HDMI to my 24 inch LCD?

These are the speakers:,en This is the monitor: What extra accessories...


Hey, The PS3 console has no connections that fits to the Logitech Z-2300. Unfortunately no adapters...

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How do I hook up my PS3 Audio Only to my Altec Lansing VS3251 Speakers?

there are 2 PS3 audio cables, because I run my video through an HDMI to DVI cable to my computer monitor. How do I hook up the two audio cables, (red & white) to my speakers. there are 3 input jacks at the back, 1 for the front speaks, 1 for the...


get two splitters and take the red output from the ps3 to one splitter and the white to one splitter...

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How would I hook up my surround sound speakers to my HDTV/PS3?

So I got a surround sound speaker set for christmas and have been using it wtih my PC but I want to use it with my HDTV/PS3. It came with three sets of identical wires for hooking it up to a TV, all with one green end to hook into the control tower thing...


You can't do this I'm afraid. The reason is that your surround system has an input for each channel...

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How do i hook up a rca y adpater to my ps3 through speakers?

i bought this… in hope of being able to connect my computer speakers to my ps3 for sound but i'm not understanding how do i connect this rca y cable to my ps3 >_>... the bacl end doesn't connect anywhere...


i had the same problem. search it on youtube. will hook u up for sure tutorial

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Can you hook up ps3 red & white audio cables to pc speakers?

I'm trying to set up my ps3 with my hd monitor, although my monitor has no speakers so is it possible to take the red and white audio cables and somehow connecting them to regular pc speakers?


sure can. Go to an electronics store and get an adaptor. It will be an "RCA audio Female"...

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How do I hook up my HDTVand PS3 with my pc speakers?

I want to use the pc speaker system as an alternative to a regular home theater system. How would I go about doing this??? It says it has a game adapter.


The only way is if your speaker system has analog inputs (white and red). The PS3 is capable of using...

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Is it possible to hook up a ps3 with a sony 40 hdtv and an older 321bose system so bose speakers have all audi

im trying to connect my new ps3 to my bose 321 and hdtv. my current config has the bose system working fine with the hdtv. how to i connect the ps3 so audio will come through the bose more


take the yellow wire and connect it to the tv. take the red and black wires and connect them to audio...

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I bought a monitor to hook up my PS3 to, but it doesn't have speakers. What are my options?

My monitor is a Samsung XL2370. Should I buy speakers? What kind of speakers should I buy and where would they plug in to? Would my monitor have some kind of jack? And what kind should I expect?


You need a receiver. You can connect the speakers and PS3 to the speakers and use an HDMI cable to connect...

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What are the best set of speakers to hook up to PS3.?

I am planning on setting up my PS3 with an LG 27" HD Monitor but I need some speakers to go with it. I need some siggestions. Budget under $100.


Creative/Logitech and Bose are the best well known brands of speakers. Check them out here http://www...

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