How can I learn hadoop through projects?

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Learning How To Learn Hadoop - Global Knowledge Training

Learning Hadoop is not a simple task but can be a lot easier if ... Learning How To Learn Hadoop ... Morrow as he leads you through some of the hurdles ...

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What are some good open source projects involving the use of Hadoop/Hbase for somebody who wants to learn/use them in a real-world scenario ?

I have experience on C++/Python/Java/Perl . I understand the basic concepts of MapReduce  and distributed computing but want a practical way to understand the need and use for such systems in dealing with large amounts of data. I think the best way to...


Apache Mahout is a project using Hadoop as infrastructure for machine learning. You can start with the...

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How do I contribute to open source projects like Hadoop and HBase without access to large clusters?

I've been learning about open source projects like Hadoop & HBase, and they seem like a lot of fun to work on. I'd like to learn about these technologies more in-depth (and in general learn more about distributed systems) but do not work in a company...


You can also have a look at Fedora BigData SIG [1] that has come up relatively recently. There's also...

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What are the projects that can be done as a final year project on Hadoop?

I am a final year student and I am an enthusiast learner of Apache Hadoop and MapReduce framework. Please suggest me some projects that can be implemented on this technology. I have 6 months to learn and implement. I also have an idea about developing...


I would suggest you to check if you can implement Sentiment Analytics using Twitter Data Feed on Hive...

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What resources should I refer to learn python and hadoop effectively? I am an intermediate level programmer in C and Java.

I am new to python and Hadoop and will be starting development of an web analytics tool in a month. I am currently referring to 'Learn Python the hard way' for python. I am confused about how to setup and learn hadoop as there are multiple tutorials...


Python itself is a crossplatform language, with simple and clear syntax.So you don't have to care too...

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Should I need to learn Hadoop before learning HBase?

I am a Java developer having 6 years of professional Experience. I have worked on JDBC, Hibernate and Spring framework. I have been hearing a lot of "BigData", "NoSQL" among my friends. But nobody knows what it is exactly. I have...


I agree with Rahul Saini's answer to Should I need to learn Hadoop before learning HBase? - there is...

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If I were to learn Data Mining, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval Algorithms using the Hadoop Framework should i use Java or layers like Hadoop Streaming, Pydoop, Scoobi, Scalding, ... etc?

Writing Java based Map Reduce programs seems to be a cumbersome and also the frameworks like Scoobi, Scalding have been popular in the Hadoop community.


I don't think beginning with ready-to-use frameworks like Scoobi or Scalding will be a good idea. Hadoop...

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What are some interesting beginner level projects that can be built using Apache Hadoop?

I'm a beginner at Hadoop MapReduce framework and want to know some real world applications which I can build using Apache Hadoop. I'm more of an infrastructure engineer and less of a Machine Learning/AI person, and I'm trying to move beyond the word...


Spring Force Algorith...

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What are some M.Tech-level academic projects in Hadoop?

Research areas related to Hadoop and Hadoop EcoSystem which has good industry scope too, so that it helps us while attending interviews.


It can be any project related to hadoop. May be implementation of hadoop cluster and build use-case...

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What are the best ways to learn about Hadoop source?

- I woud like to learn how the hadoop works, not only from the tutorial standpoint fo view - I would like to start learning from source code, but since the codebase if huge, I don't know what are the good ways to start and learn more - Please let me...


You can learn by run example cases in hadoop source code. Using debug tools to trace how it works. And...

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