How can I learn how to sing?

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-Practice alone - practice hitting notes and singing different tunes whenever you have some free time...

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How do you learn to sing? Or at least fix the "off key" problem? and Can you learn to sing on your own?

I want to try to fix my "off key" problem, I like to sing but just seem to really lack the ability to sing. I have this "off key" problem very very often. I can hardly stay on the key unless I have the song on the background playing...


Off key, in common speech, can mean two things. One is that you are singing close to the right note...

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How can i learn to sing?

I'm a fan of sum 41. and I want to learn to sing. 1.How can i learn to sing 2.Can i learn to sing good if I'm not so talented in singing 3.How can i learn to sing as Deryck more


Can't you just be content to dance and jump while playing guitar? lol If you don't have an innate talent...

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How can i learn to sing i need help ?

my mom and dad can sing and my 3 sister and 2 brother can sing to but me and some one told me that people that cant sing and they sound bad can learn 2 sing /so how can i learn to sing ?


well, i would tell you to take lessons, but that is the obvious what i do is i sing infront of a camera...

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Can you learn how to sing?

I take piano lessons. When I auditioned for musical lessons, my piano professor asked me if I sing in a choir or if I get vocal lessons because I sang what he played powerful and clear. The other professor(vocal coach and owner of the school) said I...


Your diet and a bunch of other things affect your voice Avoid the following to have a healthy voice...

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Well you can't LEARN how to sing. You can improve and better your voice by making it powerful and strong...

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I played guitar for years before attempting to sing because I thought I couldn`t. Later I tried and...

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Is it possible for an adult who can't sing to learn how to sing?

Well, to be precise, back when I was younger, I was able to sing. But as I gained more weight year after year, I lost the ability to sing. If I lose weight, is it possible for me to be able to sing again? Also, whether I regain my singing voice or not...


Weight shouldn't really effect your singing. You said that you could sing when you were younger. Do...

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How can I learn to scat sing what I play?

I'm a jazz guitarist for the most part, influenced by a lot of different music though. As I've never been able to sing my playing style developed into Tuck Andress/Joe Pass sort of style, jamming as many different parts into one guitar as possible, also...


It sounds like you'd like to do something like what Slam Stewart used to. He was Benny Goodman's bassist...

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Can u learn how to sing? When I sing my voice cracks and I can't sing when it goes up And down?

But supposedly a person can train their voice to voice isn't bad it just cracks And I have trouble singing high to low there Something I can do or am I stuck like this?


you can always try! try to see a vocal coach, maybe he or he can help out! there are also a few cool...

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