How can I learn how to do stick figures or animated stuff online free?

Let’s learn how can I learn how to do stick figures or animated stuff online free. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Here's a free download for doing stick-figure animation.

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Its not the stick, the skates, or the gloves, It is how you USE them.?

I see so many kids on here asking about "the best stick " the best "gloves " and the "best skates" to buy. At the same time it is obvious that they don't have much skill yet , and really have not learned the basics of skating...


I completely agree with you. The equipment does help, but only if you're good enough to take advantage...

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Learn to Draw (With a WaCom-like tablet)?

I bought a WaCom like tablet a while ago for attempting to draw in Photoshop and Illustrator and well, I don't use it often and when I did use it it was really hard to work with and I never could get a good straight or curved line. So I wanna learn how...


I have a wacom tablet learn over time how to use hand eye coodination, instead of looking at the tablet...

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2d Animation for Marketing Videos - What tools should I learn (Windows)?

If I was to go from zero to learning one tool/software for professional 2d video animation and editing (creating simple animation/transitions and splicing live/animated content) what should it be? Hi guys, I want to learn enough skills to make my own...


The term of art for what you what to produce is "motion graphics" and probably the leading...

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Where can i learn to play hockey?

well i live in London and im looking for a place to learn hockey around the borough of hackney as im young ( 13 ) and im a really good skater i can skate fast and everything i have my own skates and i have good skill but my family says if i want to join...


If you're as good a skater as you claim, I'm sure you've been to a rink and someone has noticed your...

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Stick figures for storyboarding?

I am applying for a film directing course and auditioning for a performing arts school next month. I just found out I will be asked to draw up a storyboard. Will it affect my application at all if I use stick figures for my sketch? Is drawing an important...


Well I'm not sure if you need to know how to draw for film directing but for a storyboard in an animation...

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I need help with wwe action figures?

I need help with wwe action figures? where can i go to see how to build stuff like stages and weapons and things like that? I mean a website to learn how to build stuff for my action figures



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My stick figures have to wear bags over their heads

I want to learn how to draw. I've poked around online, but I can't seem to find any websites that offer beginning drawing/sketching lessons or exercises. I'd like to learn some basic pencil and/or pen-and-ink techniques so that I can enhance my doodling...


Did you find in your search? It looks very extensive.

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The important stuff to learn about guitars?

Hey guys. I started to learn guitar a long time ago but i slowly gave it up. This time i'm going to stick with it but i need to know what the most imortant stuff to learn is. I can read guitar tab and know a lot of chords but thats pretty much it. Thanks...


Going slow,strumming smoothly,stick to the speed your going,for example like don't go from fast to slow...

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Why can't I learn anything?

Im fine with some of stuff. But things like French and Enlgish. I can't learn french vocab. I've tried writing it out repeatedly. I've tried the look cover write thing. I've tried flashcards. No matter howmany times I've tested myself I always get less...


Have you been tested for Special Education? Ask your parents and your school counselor. I am not say...

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