How can I make my G6 look better?

Let’s learn how can I make my G6 look better. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Armoral has been rumored to crack leather, and dashboards. I'd stear clear. I've always used and liked...

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What would make my Pontiac g6 look cooler?

I have an electric blue Pontiac g6 4 door. 2007. What can I do to it to make it stand out? How much would it cost? I have chrome door handles, chrome rims, stock spoiler, I have blue LED lightning eyes under the head light, i put subs in it. If you have...


I have a g5 and got a wide body kit from try there

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How much does it cost to fix up a Pontiac G6?

Okay. So I have an '07 Pontiac G6. It is electric blue. I am wanting to add some stuff to it to make it look a little better. I found a body kit for around $600. How much will it more


Any rims for 800 sare generic and if you touch a curb will need another. Body kit is too cheap which...

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What should i use to make my room look like this?

I want to make my room look like this…… (its mostly like the last one the side of the plane NOT the ceiling) but...


You can use LED "tube lights" or "rope lights" -- Google either term for lots of...

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How can I make myself and my profile look better and appear better on internet dating site?

my profile is… I'm attracted to females who are sporty or like alternative music, the problem is particularly the sporty kind get 100+ e-mails a day; most e-mails they receive are about the same level of...


You need to tell the truth about yourself and focus on what you are looking for. I have attached some...

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How can I make Gerbera Daisies look better?

I bought a Gerbera Daisy plant from, but when they arrived two of the three flowers it brings look droopy. What can I do to make them look happier and stand up? They are a surprise for mother's day, so I was hoping to make them look better...


They look that way from being without light for a short time. Take a bowl add a few inches of water...

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How do I make my curls look better? they can get very dry and nappy at times

i have naturally curly hair you know kind of like mixed people hair like Corbin Bleu or Mariah Carey and I wanted to know how can i make my curls smooth and shiny without making them look nappy because my hair is really short and I basically wet my hair...


Hey. With my waves, I wash my hair & then condition it (combing it with the conditioner in it),...

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How can I make myself look better or stand out?

My hair is always thick and puffy (hair tips would be appreciated) and my face is kinda chubby (makeup tips to make it look better also appreciated) also I'm very tired and draggy in the mornings so I usually just end up wearing a tee shirt, jacket and...


Try green tea. It is a natural stimulant instead of caffeine. I cant give hair tips without seeing your...

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How can i make myself look better?! *pic* I KNOW THIS GET ANNOYING BUT AM I PRETTY!??!?

I'm not sure what to do to make myself look better. My friends tell me im pretty but i feel like they are just trying not to make me feel bad. I dont think I'm that beautiful and i would like some help!!!! PLEASE!! any tips on hair and makeup? a rate...


"The specified media does not exist"

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How can I improve my basic skating skills to make them look better?

I can do many jumps and spins, but I struggle with making my basic elements look effortless. I know that it takes practice to do forward and backward crossovers well, along with the three turns, but how do I really make them look polished? Do you guys...


You should start by working on your edges. You'd be surprised by how much of a difference they make...

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