How can you make your BMX look better?

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How to Make a Pro Level BMX Bike: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Make a Pro Level BMX Bike. ... However, there are tires that work better for street, dirt, and park. Street. You want a smoother tread, fatter tire ...

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How to make myself look more like a BMX person?

So for carrier Day, I'm gonna b a BMX racer. Im gonna wear my shirt but I don't rele wanna wear the pants. What else can I do to make me more of a BMX person.

Answer:… Carrier: noun 1. a person or thing that carries. 2...

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Alright i have white wall tires on my bmx and they look pretty bad, how can i make them black?

is there any special type of paint for rubber or something along those lines?


Buy new tires. Either that...or get out some S.O.S. pads & start scrubbing those white-walls to...

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wash it polish bare metal, chromed bits wax it (car wax will do fine) get some tire shine from a...

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Can some please help with my bmx....?

i had this bmx didnt like it so i decided to remove the stickers the front brake and some other things and now i like it so i want to make it look good i need a new saddle and i wanna replace some part to get some color i was thing replace peddle and...


25.5 lbs is a light bike. If you can't lift that, there's something wrong with you. Man up and start...

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Help with customizing me bmx bike?

i want do customize my bmx. i have a mongoose brawler. frame: cromo front triangle with us bottom bracket. cranks: 3pc tubular cromo with 39t chainring. wheels: alex f303,36h front 48h rear, 14t freewheel &14mm cromo axles. tyres: kenda kurb. pedals...


go on and theres we the people forks there really good and super light get 606 grips...

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Help deciding between buying a used bmx or mountain bike for freestyle, and what to look for.?

So I'm thinking about buying a used BMX or mountain bike off craigslist to play around on, I don't want to spend more than $100-$200. Despite all my searching, I'm having a tough time figuring out which one would match my style best. Heres the thing...


I suggest buying a BMX bike if you want to do freestyle

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Some BMX Questions. Help?

Hey everyone. I have been an on and off BMX rider for most of my life. Well I'm looking to get a new bike and brush up on my riding. So, since my old BMX is a big, crappy, flat, piece of poo, I'm looking for a new bike. And it's pointless to try and...


well, I think you should just find a good complete bmx for around $600 and then it would have some Pretty...

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Help painting a BMX bike?

i am planing or repainting my bike to make it look modern. I own a BMX bike if it helps. i am playing on using a spray gun attached to an air compressor. not spray paint cans check if this is right 1. sand down the old paint 2. apply primer (then sand...


You're on the right track. If the frame is aluminum, you need to use an acid etch primer - usually from...

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