How can I pass global variables into a function?

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How do I pass variables into a JavaScript function?

Is it possible to pass variables into a js function? See code: function checkStartPrice (){ if ($('#StartingPrice')[0].value.length == 0){ alert("The 'Starting Price' cannot be left empty!"); return false; } else { var BuyItNowPrice = parseFloat($('#BuyItNowPrice').val()); var StartingPrice = parseFloat($('#StartingPrice').val()); var Reserve = parseFloat($('#Reserve').val()); if((BuyItNowPrice <= StartingPrice) && (StartingPrice > 0)){ alert("The 'Buy It Now' price...


A simple example of passing variables into a function is below. When you declare a function, you can...

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How can Python behave differently when I pass two seemingly identical variables to a function?

What I'm doing is this: #Just two directions: s = [0,1,0] t = [0,0,1] #Two ways of getting the center c1 = [0,1,0] c2 = test.point_to_space(point) p = draw.squarepoints(c1, s, t, 1) plane = mlab.mesh(*p) This works perfectly, but fails horribly if...


In general, c1 and c2 are different objects, with possibly different superclasses. Just because c1 ...

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How to pass data in python3 variables to another function?

How would I store and pass the contents of r from main into two? It will print r if I make it r = something fixed, but how do I pass and hold variable contents into r. I tried random.getstate/setstate but it was saying "function object not subscriptable...


Something like this should work #!/usr/bin/env python3 import random def main(): r= random.randrange...

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Using getURL function in flash to pass variables?

I am using the getURL function in flash to pass variables from swf to an asp page. I have it working fine, but it pop up a window. I realize I could use _blank, _self, _top, etc.. but I do not want anything displayed at all. I simple want to send the...


Haha that is funny. I just found my self presented with this exact issue last night. I am not a flash...

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Is it possible to pass variables into an onReadyStateChange function for and XMLHTTP object?

Whenever I try to add variable parameters or even add () to the function it stops working. The code I am talking about is xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function


The reason that wouldn't work is because the value you set for xmlhttp.onreadystatechange has to be...

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Return variable's value to a function

QUESTION: I'm contacting you again because I'm trying to understand how pass value between functions in vba. Sub main() i = 0 r = 4 c = 2 rtp = 9 ctp = 2 Call ThisWorkbook.copycells(r, c, rtp, ctp, i) ...... ...... End Sub Sub copycells(r, c, rtp...


simba24d, The value for merged cells is in the first cell of the merged range msgbox Worksheets("...

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How do I pass a variable name into a Matlab function called with cellfun?

So I know that myfun (Variable name of function input ) outputs the variable names that are passed into the myfun function (using the inputname(1) command). But when I pass variables through a cellfun, then the inputname(1) command ceases to work, as...


cellfun(@(x)myfun(x,y),{j,lat,lon},'UniformOutput',false) Returns 'x' because the above defines a Anonymous...

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PHP HTML emails- can you pass PHP variables w/n an HTML email created with mail ()?

Can you pass PHP variables w/n an HTML email created by PHP mail() function? I can create a normal email that passes my PHP variables to the message section of the email when sent. more


Is it possible that you could post the code up for a better look? i suspect it will probably be to do...

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Which of the following is true "In case of pass by reference" (C programming)?

In case of pass by reference 1. The location of variable in memory is passed to the function so that it can use the same memory area for its processing 2. The function declaration should contain ampersand (& ) in its type declaration 3. All of above...


3. All of above The value of the variable REMAINS in place. All that is passed is an "address"...

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Problem with passing variable to function in C?

Hi all!! Have a little problem with a program im trying to get up and running i wont bore you all with the overview ill get to the heart of the matter. i have function call in my main program like this: dup (numin,lottopick,choice); and the function...


Too FEW arguments? I would have expected too MANY arguments. Without seeing the code, I suggest you...

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