How can I transfer my 8MM video tapes to my computer?

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I Have 8mm video camcorder how can i transfer my video cassete tapes to my computer?

most sites is saying connect threw a firewire but when i look at mycamera..i doesnt see a place where it can connect to the computer? can anyone help me and i have a dell dimension 3000 with no firewire built in


Here's a helpful guide:… see Section 3. Analog video...

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I have old tapes from an 8mm video recorder and VHSC how can I transfer them to computer W/O camera working?

I have 8mm and VHS-C tapes from years ago and those two camcorders no longer work. Is there a product I can buy to transfer the video to my computer to put on DVD?


Check out StashSpace.Com they are an online video conversion company that can put your 8mm and VHS tapes...

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How do you capture streaming USB or i.LINK (IEEE 1394) DV signal from a digital 8mm video camcorder?

Hi. I'm trying to transfer all the home movies of a lifetime onto something durable. I've already received some great, helpful advice about transferring the VHS tapes, but I also have (from the 26 years of taping) another camcorder, with a different...


i am a little confused. you say you are playing back analog video8 videotape in your DCR-TRV380. according...

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Analog 8mm transfer to DVD?

I'm on a mission to take all of my grandparents' old 8mm tapes and archive them in a digial format and maybe do a little editing before recording to DVD. All I have are the 8mm tapes. What's the best way to get the audio and video onto my computer? Hi...


Best place on yahoo to answer this question and others relating to video is AMATEUR VIDEO EDITING. Read...

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Do company's that transfer 8mm home video tapes to DVD watch your tapes?

I have twelve 8mm home video tapes I recorded like 11 years ago. I had an 8mm camcorder when I was like age 16-19. The camcorder has long since been broken and I do not want to just throw the tapes away. I also do not want to go buy an ancient camcorder...


yes they will see some of the tape to set up the equipment. also if they observe anything that remotely...

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How can i put old 8mm video tapes onto my computer?

i have found some video tapes from my old camera that i believe are 8mm video tapes, but i no longer own what i used to use to record the videos onto video tape so i was wondering if anyone knows of anything i can do to put them on my computer


well I used my old and even new one video tapes to burn or to live it in my hard drive is" DAZZLE...

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Can I transfer my 8mm camcorder video to my computer ? what do I need to do that?

I have 8mm video,not digital and desktop computer in order to transfer the video onto a cd or dvd I want to transfer the video onto the hard disc of the computer first.Is that possible and what device or software I require,Thanks


yes you can transfer your 8mm tapes onto the computer hard disk. there are two basic ways for that:...

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What pc equipment is needed to transfer old 8mm camcorder video tapes onto DVDs?

I have several old family 8mm that I would like to place onto DVDs. The 8mm tapes are about 15 years old and the camcorder that I had has been exhausted for some time. I am hoping to purchase PC equipment so I can transfer these to DVDs for th entire...


This is the 3rd question I'm answering today about vcr to computer hardware. Thank God for Copy &...

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How do I transfer 8mm video tapes to a digital medium?

I have old 8mm video that I'd like to transfer to digital so that I can better store and edit it. What is the best way to make that transfer?


If you still have the camcorders, you need to get an "analog/digital bridge" like those from...

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Digital video records on tapes...transfer to computer?

i have a jvc mini digital video camera, and it records on tiny tapes. i want to get the videos on the tapes to my computer, and there seems to be a small, potential usb port beneath the battery pack. is it possible? also, the camera only records about...


The "potential usb port" is probably a firewire port - digital video cameras that use tape...

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