How can I unlink my Facebook account from a closed Yahoo account?

Let’s learn how can I unlink my Facebook account from a closed Yahoo account. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I sign in with yahoo account to a facebook Flickr account?

I have created an account on Flickr using my Facebook account. Since I cannot log in to Flick at work using Facebook I have associated my yahoo account to the Flickr account. However, if I sign in with Yahoo it will not allow me access to Flick and tells me to sign in with the Facebook account. How can I resolve the issue to be able to sign in with either ID? I think it is logical to be able to do so, isn't it?


It's logical, but sadly you can't do it. A Flickr account needs to be associated with either a Yahoo...

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My facebook account is linked to another yahoo account?

when I try to link my yahoo account to facebook - it tells me that my facebook is linked to another yahoo account - but I need to get to the "other" yahoo account to unlink it - I tried unlinking via facebook but it didn't work


Hmmm, interesting

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Does anyone know if this UPDATE YOUR YAHOO ACCOUNT NOW OR IT WILL BE CLOSED is valid? I've received it twice.

When I tried to reply the email of customerservice@yahoo is invalid and comes back with MAILER-DAEMON@ It says it is from Yahoomemberservice and my family hasn't received it. Inside the email is says Dear Account User, Account Alert! Verify...


don't worry, if you have already updated it then you are fine, i think this might just have been a mistake...

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Unlink yahoo email from old account?

my yahoo emaill was linked to an old account that is inactive. when trying to change my yahoo password it asks for the old account that is not active. how can i unlink the yahoo account from the old inactive account


Top of this page click on your welcome name then click on Settings in the new page and then click on...

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I can't sign into my free Yahoo account. Error message says "SBC Yahoo account is closed".?

I can't sign into my free Yahoo account. Error message says "SBC Yahoo account is closed". That makes no sense because it was not an SBC Yahoo account, it was a Free Email Account. Is there a problem with the Yahoo Mail system right now? This...


Look, how i know, i think that email expire every 75 days if you don't sing into it in 75 days. Try...

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Email is received from Yahoo to confirm password,ID & DOB or account 'll be closed.Confirm it is spam or real.?

Following email has been received which is very serious. Plz confirm ASAP if it is real or spam? Dear Account User This Email is from yahoo Customer Care and we are sending it to every yahoo Email User Accounts Owner for safety. we are having congestions...


Please DO NOT RESPOND to them. This is called a PHISHING SCAM. Please use the Yahoo! Mail Abuse Form...

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I get an email from yahoo-account-services-my@cc.y… that subject Account Will Be Closed! what i do?

contect of that mail if follows --- On Fri, 10/23/09, Yahoo! Account Service <… wrote: From: Yahoo! Account Service <… Subject: Account Will Be Closed!...


This is a known phishing scam attempting to get you to give them all your personal info. It's not from...

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How can i unlink my facebook account from my yahoo messenger ?

i linked my facebook account to my email from the yahoo messenger but i want to unlink it because i want to link it to another email of mine ? please help because i found a way to unlink it using facebook which didn't work at all. Or can i link one facebook...


нι!!! ┏━━â”...

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I'm not able to link My Yahoo Account with Facebook?

I tried to like my facebook account on yahoo but it showed UP with an error like "This account has already been linked to a Yahoo! account. Click here to learn more. (4091000000)" and i just tried many way to link it but it did't work Help...


Go on to ur facebook right hand side of home u see arrow<<press on it pops down, General to the...

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How can I unlink my Quora account from Facebook?

I want to unlink my Quora account from my Facebook account without affecting the current status of my Quora account, is it possible? If yes how, if no why not? EDIT At the point when I asked this question there was no option to unlink my facebook account...


Go to You will find the option there. Select 'Linked on Quora profile...

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