How can i make my sub woofer stronger?

Let’s learn how can i make my sub woofer stronger. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can i make two speaker wires sub woofer to a sub woofer RCA connection?

i have a sub woofer that has speaker wire which has two connections the black and red and hooked up to my receiver. i wanted to hook it up to my other receiver but it only has one RCA black input. i went to radio shack and they told me i have to convert...


Two speaker wires into a single RCA? Well its splicing time my friend! The negative wire from RCA is...

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How can I make the best of this cheap sub woofer I bought?

I bought 1 15” 4000 Watt Legacy Steel Series Woofer (LSW157) I was planning to build a fourth-order bandpass enclosure. I have built pretty good sealed and ported boxes but I am looking for a better quality bass I will mostly listen to rap and...


Heres a video of how to build a bandpass box…

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How can I make my sub-woofer work with my CD-player AND radio in my car?

I'm by no means a stereo system expert. I'm looking to buy an adapter for my car so I can play music through my ipod. Unfortunately, the adapter works through the FM radio, which my sub does not work with (i get sound, just not the quality the sub provides...


How are your subs connected? Sub Pre-Amp out? What Deck (Radio) are you using? Also note FM adapters...

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My car sub woofer hums, how can i make it stop?

To make it this simple, say if my radio in my car has a volume range from 1 to 100, when the volume is above 45, the sub sounds great. The problem is I frequently have passengers in more


if your signal cable is near your power wire move it

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Can I make a single RCA sub-woofer cable using speaker wire?

Here's my situation. I have an ENERGY Sub-woofer that takes either R/L speaker wire, or an RCA single jack as input. My sub woofer has an amp built in (it plugs into the wall). However the sub doesn't have R/L output terminals. I have a Pioneer ELITE...


You can't do it with the existing wiring. The wire going to the sub's RCA input would have to be shielded...

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Can i just make a box for my sub woofer or do I need special parts.?

I have a 1988 GMC Sierra no extended cab with just a bench, and i have no space to put the sub woofer in the back so i need to put it in between the bench seats and in the feet area under the radio for the middle seat. They are crazy dimensions for example...


Usually when you build a box for a subwoofer, you have to meet a cubic space requirement for the inside...

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How do i make a dual 12 inch ported sub-woofer box for my kicker CVRs?

I have two 400 RMS kicker subs, and they call for 1.75 cubic feet of air space per sub and a max of 2.25 per sub. I'm going to be listing to mainly hip-hop and rap. Also can you tell me what wood/woods i should use, what glue or sealers i should use...


The best way is to just have Dave from to make you a box. His boxes are some of the...

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Can I take a speaker, make a sub-woofer box and make it into a subwoofer.?

I have a 12 inch speaker, can i make it into a subwoofer for my house.


That depends on the 12" speaker, not all speakers are intended to be used for any particular frequency...

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How many watts is the sub and how many ohms is it....How many watts is the amp....If it is only one...

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Nope, sure isn't. Only if it is a dual 2Ohm sub, then you could wire it in parallel (both +'s to amp...

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