How can i transfer my DVR recordings to my PC?

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How can I transfer recordings from a Comcast DVR to an external hard drive for my PC?

I have about 30 hours of recorded shows that I am hoping to save to the external hard drive of my PC. Is this something that is possible?


Unfortunately, Peter in San Diego has given you a bum steer. The Comcast Motorola DVR is not a TiVo...

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How do I transfer or backup dvr recordings to my pc?

I would like to back up my DVR recordings to my PC so I do not lose them ( i may be moving and have to switch cable companies soon, so if i return the box i'll lose everything). Plus this would free up some space on my DVR box. Is there a way to transfer...


The only way is by copying the analog A/V to a recorder or capture device.

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Where can I find a DVR that pauses live tv, let's me transfer recordings to other media (eg, HD) later, has no monthly cost, requires no Mac/PC, and actually works?

I bought a Cirago CMC1000 that technically does what I want, but it stopped working quickly and the replacement died quickly too, so I don't trust the other Cirago CMC's either. Is there an alternative? Or is the CMC3000-series actually a decent product...


Then you need a TiVo video converter, majoraty of the media players do not support directly play TiVo...

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DVR Manage/Transfer Recordings with pc and Expand Storage on DVR Comcast Motorola DCT-3412?

I've got a Motorola DCT-3412 with Comcast, I'd like to know if there's a way I can transfer the recordings to my computer or additional hard drive for more space. Also, I there a better way to manage the programs i've already recorded. It's a pain to...


You cannot externally manage, expand, or digitally transfer. Your nearest option to transfer is to copy...

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What is the best DVR to use with DirecTV? Looking for one that will let me tranfer recordings to PC.?

I know no DVR comes ready made to connect with a PC to transfer recordings, but I'd like one that can easily be "upgraded." I know it can be done with the Tivo Series 2, but I'm not sure where to get one or how well it would work with DirecTV...


Okay the ONLY EASILY upgradable DirecTV DVR is the DirecTV Tivo Series 2's. You can find them on Ebay...

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How do you transfer DVR recordings to a computer?

i have optimum IO cable, with DVR. I want to move my recordings to my PC but the only option they give is to copy to VCR, which is basically just playing the recording and then you record it on the VCR. I don't have video capture on my computer though...


Unfortunately you cannot transfer the shows to your PC any faster than real time. Normally the DVR's...

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Help me get my DVR recordings onto my computer somehow please!

I want to save my DVR recordings on my computer. The problem is that, from the googling I've done, my DVR model encrypts the files in such a way that I can't transfer the recordings directly onto my computer, even if the USB ports on the DVR did work...


Let me provide an alternative. *Why* do you want to get video off your tivo yourself? Anything currently...

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Is there any way to transfer DVR recordings to Mac in HD?

The cable company website (I have time warner cable) says you can transfer recordings from the DVR to a DVD recorder via the cable in/out jacks. Is there a way to connect my Mac to my DVR to extract the recordings IN HD QUALITY? I have a dvd burner on...


Here are 2 good poss.......... This one mentions Comast DVR, but should be similar... http://jpicune...

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Transfer hd content from DVR to PC?

I would like to know if there is any way to transfer hd content previously recorded on a Time Warner Cable dvr to a computer. The dvr has two firewire ports, however, I believe they can only be used to capture live video... right? Optimally, I would...


You can capture recorded shows via FireWire, and yes, you have to do it in real time. The link below...

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Transfer DVR recordings to a computer?

I have a HD DVR box from Verizon FiOS (love it :-) ). It's a Motorola QIP6416-2. Is there anyway to transfer the recordings for the DVR HDD to my laptop HDD? I don't have a TV more


I am not sure if this will work for you but I know that Comcast DVR's made by motorola can use the firewire...

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