How can you add or remove people from your top 8 on Myspace?

Let’s learn how can you add or remove people from your top 8 on Myspace. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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You go to "Edit Top Friends" at the bottom of your page where it displays your friends is...

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How do i add people on myspace if i dont know there email address?

ok i have a myspace but i want to add some people but it says i have to have there email address when i send them a friend request but idk it how do u add people stll because back then somtimes it will say u need there last names so how do i add people...


get the screename or tell them to add u

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Why cant people add me? [myspace]? can you tell me the problem cause tons of people say they cant add me D: i thought it was because they need my email to add me, which also id like to know why it does that when my profile is 15 and i didnt set it that...


no, the problem is that you are younger than 16, when you are younger than 16, you have no choice in...

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Why does my MySpace account make me know people's email addresses in order to add them?

I mean I know sometimes when you go to add people it says "Charlie only accepts friend request for people he/she knows. Please enter their last name or email address." Or whaaatever. But no.. its JUST email address. I DONT KNOW ANYONES EMAIL...


because that means there account set to private sooooo that's why and if u want them to be your friend...

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I can't add people on myspace.. Help please!!?

Okay, I'm getting really annoyed here. I try to add a whole bunch of people from my school on myspace but it says that you need to know thier emails in order to add them. They dont even have there last name as an option. Then I go over to my friends...


message the people your trying to add and ask for there email or last name.

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Myspace question, when I add people...?

When I add people on myspace it says that I have to type in their email address. It happens for everyone I try to add and I asked my friends if it happened when they try to add the more


ur parents havent talked to you about talkin to strangers on the internet?

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How to add alot of people to your myspace and other sharing sites??

I was once looking at a site kind of like hot or not which people could see your myspace page or add you, is there any more sites like that??? and i just wanna advertise my myspace more


You invite other people, and if they accept, then, you have a new friend.

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On myspace when i try to add people it wont let me?

i just created mymyspace today and i added like 300 people and i wanted to add moe but every time i try to add more a message pop up saying "sorry you have exceeded your mesage quota for the day" and i had plenty of myspace profiles where i...


There is a certain amount that you have to request, if you go over the amount in a day, it won't let...

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Myspace wll not let people add me unless they know my do i take it off.?

myspace will not let people add meunless they know my email i even put my age above 18 nd it still needs email.i made sure anyone could add me.and i dont know why.can someone help me?


no body cant stop us

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I cant make the myspace let people add music! help!?

i recently made a music myspace and i added a song on it, but it wont let anyone add the song to their profile. i have checked the "let people add to their profile" box and more


Are you sure about this? Go click "edit the song" and make sure you put a check on a box that...

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