How can you see how many people blocked you on Myspace?

Let’s learn how can you see how many people blocked you on Myspace. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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There isn't a way.

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PLEASE HELP!! how to hide myspace status from NON-friends and people who ARE NOT signed in?

so, my older sister is pretty much stalking my myspace, looking for any bad word or any bad thing about anyone so she can go tell them. her life long goal is to ruin my life.she also keeps sending me messages talking crap to me, even though she isn't...


Sorry you cant.Myspace really needs to work on some things.

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On Facebook, can the people I blocked see when I become friends with their friends?

I blocked 3 people who I would rather not see me on facebook, but they are also friends with people I would like to be friends with. If I add those friends will the blocked people see that I added them in their wall posts or anywhere on facebook? Again...


of course not

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Can people see that you've blocked them on Twitter?

Loads of people from my school are all suddenly coming onto Twitter, and I'm really worried that they're going to find my account, because Twitter is the one place I can escape from all the idiots at my school who judge me and don't understand me. I...


the only way they'll know you block them is if they try to view your tweets or message u, but if you...

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How do you see the people you have blocked in skype?

so i have blocked some people n now i want to see exactly who i have it possible to see your blocked list? if so, how? thank you in advance


You can go to skype/tools/options/privacy/block contacts to remove the blocking.

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How can you see who's blocked you on myspace?

i know how to see who you've blocked but is it possible to see who all has blocked you?



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If i tag somone in a photo on fb can the people i blocked see it?

im gona post a photo. but i dont want the people i blocked to see it. problem is the person im going to tag hasent blocked them.. so will they see it if i tag my friend?


i dont think so

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from the IP address you tried to access it, yes. Servers that block sites also log all internet traffic...

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Is there a way to see a list of all the people you have blocked on Twitter?

I recently blocked a lot of my old high school friends on Twitter and am beginning to feel quite guilty about it and I was just wondering if there was a way to see who I blocked. I can't remember all of who I blocked let alone their usernames so to have...


You can't do it officially through twitter, but many of sites and applications offer you this. http...

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Where can I see the people that I have blocked on Facebook?

Im trying to look for this person that I blocked about 2 months ago, but I don't remember the person's name. Is there a way to see the people that you have blocked?


Go into your Account and look under Privacy settings. There is a list of blocked people with an 'unblock...

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