How dangerous is Kenya?

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(Africa) How dangerous is Kibera, Kenya Scale 1 to 10?

I want to go on a mission trip to Kibera, Kenya and everyone keeps telling me not to...that its too dangerous for me I understand that it is but I still want to go and try to make a difference I am a young blonde fair skinned white girl and people say...


Kibera is dangerous, no doubt, but there are places in Kibera that's as safe as beverly hills. I've...

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How is Kenya's Education?

Hi, I'm 17 years old am currently studying Health and social care (BETEC L2) In sixform, I would have started to do L3 ( A LEVELS) On september but instead am going Kenya on 20th April 2012. When I come back ( I WOULD BE GONE FOR 2 YEARS) I went to go...


Kenya education system is 8.4.4 (i.e 8 years in primary school. 4 years in secondary school and 4 years...

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How can we help kenya?

Kenya project - I need to know: How can we help kenya how did kenya get poor please write in detail


Not sure how they got like this . . . But in answer to your second part, there is this organisation...

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How do I accept credit card payments in Kenya?

I live in Kenya in a small town. All I know is when I go to pay for things, I use cash. I do not know anything about credit cards. But, I have a little business where I would like to sell my products on the internet. Some one told me that I would need...


google "merchant account" check them out and sign up with the one that suits your needs. Good...

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About Kenya/Africa...?

I would like to maybe live in Kenya someday,and would like to know a few things about life there.How "dangerous" is it there?War wise i mean,im no wimp,i just don't want to move to Sierra Leone's brother.What must i do to become a citizen of...


Unfortunately there are many scams being passed on to tourists or anybody looking like they are not...

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How much money will my mum need for a 3 week trip to kenya?

my mum has always wanted to go to kenya and if i can find the funds i am toying over buying the flight ticket how much money will my mum need taking the following facts into account 1, my mum has a friend in kenya and who lives in the kapsebet area and...


You will need to give at least $2000,because it is expensive at the coast.There are many Western Union...

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Anyone with idea how to raise funds for s project betwwen france and kenya for exhibition for aids orphan

i have a project to start a residence programmes and constract ngecha art centre as a residence where we will be inviting artists from all over the world to come and help us educate and train the aids orphane in kenya and what i am lucking si fund to...


why don't you contact an aids group in france for assistance with the art? getting it into france, i...

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Women's rights movement in Kenya. How did it start?

I need some legitimate sources on how the women's movement in Kenya started. Scholarly journals, articles, and journals are what I'm looking for. Websites that are a legitimate source as well. I have been searching for quite a while and haven't been...


contat this org in Kenya

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Kenya is planning to carry out a census to establish how many homosexuals are there?

Later on this year to curb HIV/AIDS and I'm hoping to be back home so that I can be counted. Some worry about their identity and say they'll come out to be counted if the names are anonymous. There've been worries on who's handling the data, and the...


Yea, all the gay folk are going to rush into it saying, "Me too. me too." Not. There was a...

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How is geography important in Kenya?

This is for a school assignment. I have to look up articles pertaining to Kenya and things like agriculture and natural disasters in Kenya. Then summarize them in a paragraph also explaining the importance of geography. I can summarize them, but I'm...


The Kenyan geography consist of the highlands,coastal,plateau, dry lands, rift valley,mountains,lakes...

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